Stihl MS 362 vs Stihl MS 391: Difference Between Them?

Just as there are multiple types of chainsaws, there are also numerous brands from which to choose. Two of the most widely used brands are Stihl and Husqvarna.

Within the Stihl brand, there are a few different models to choose from, In this article, we will compare Stihl MS 362 vs Stihl MS 391 chainsaws and help you decide which one is right for you

Stihl MS 362 vs Stihl MS 391 Comparison Chart

Selecting the right chainsaw is a difficult process. We have taken the guesswork out of this process by offering comparison charts that connect each chainsaw featured with the functions that will perform best for your needs.


Stihl MS 362

Stihl MS 391


Power Source



Bar length



Oilomatic Chain

3/8" RS3

3/8" RS3

Engine Power

4.69 bhp

4.4 bhp

Fuel Capacity

20.3 oz.

20.3 oz.

Anti-Vibration System




Stihl MS 362 Chainsaw

stihl 362 chainsaw review

This chainsaw is built for medium to heavy-duty cutting. It has a durable engine that allows the tool to chop through more difficult branches and logs.

A chain brake protects your safety, while a chainsaw oiler helps to keep your blade properly greased.

The chainsaw’s ergonomic handle helps ensure comfort when cutting for an extended period of time.

Stihl MS 362 Specs

The STIHL 362 gas chainsaw is a powerful tool that can handle a variety of cutting needs. This chainsaw is ideal for felling trees, pruning branches, and cutting firewood.

It has a 20-inch bar length, making it perfect for medium to large-sized projects. With its low emissions engine, the Stihl 362 is environmentally friendly and easy to operate.

It has an easy-to-start 2-stroke engine with reduced-emission technology to help minimize environmental impact. It comes with the Pre-Separation Air Filtration System which helps to keep the engine clean and functioning properly for longer periods of time.

The tool-free chain tensioner makes it easy to keep the chain tightened correctly, even when you’re working in tight spaces. The wrap handle allows you to use the saw in multiple positions, making it more comfortable and ergonomic.

Stihl MS 362 Chainsaw Features

Design and build

The Stihl 362 chainsaw is a powerful and durable saw that is designed for professional use. It features a high-quality carburetor and an easy-to-use chain brake.

The saw also has a robust construction that makes it resistant to wear and tear. However, it is expensive and may be too heavy for some users.


It is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is designed for heavy-duty use and can handle a wide range of cutting tasks. The saw has a high power-to-weight ratio and is very easy to operate.

It can be used for felling trees, pruning branches, and cutting logs. The saw is also very durable and can withstand heavy use.


The Stihl 362 is a versatile saw that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is powerful enough to cut through large trees, but also lightweight and easy to use for smaller projects.

The chainsaw is also equipped with an anti-vibration system that makes it more comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

Ease of Use

The Stihl 362 is an easy-to-use that has a number of benefits. It is easy to start, has low emissions, and is durable.

It is also lightweight and has a wraparound handle that makes it easy to grip. It is perfect for homeowners who need a reliable chainsaw for light-duty work.


The 362 chainsaw is perfect for heavy-duty use. It is powered by a 64.1cc engine that makes it incredibly powerful. With this chainsaw, you can easily cut through large trees and branches. It is also very durable, making it the perfect choice for tough jobs.


This saw has a high-quality engine that provides plenty of power for tough cuts, and durable housing that can take on even the harshest conditions.

With its precision-engineered construction, the Stihl 362 is designed to deliver years of reliable performance.

Safety Features

stihl ms 362 vs stihl ms 391 chainsaw

It is equipped with a number of safety features that make it safe to use. The 362 also has an ErgoStart system that makes it easier to start, even with cold hands.

These features include a chain brake that stops the chain if it comes into contact with something it’s not supposed to, a low-kickback chain and bar, and an inertia-activated chain brake. 


  • It is powerful and can handle a lot of tough cuts
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • The chain is easy to change and maintain
  • It is affordable, making it a great option for anyone on a budget.


  • It can be difficult to replace
  • It can be noisy when operating.


Stihl MS 391 Chainsaw

stihl 391 chainsaw review

The STIHL 391 is a powerful chainsaw designed for use by professionals or homeowners seeking a durable and versatile saw.

It includes a bar with a diameter of 20 inches and helps furnish power cuts. The saw features an inertia chain brake that stops the momentum of the chain upon recoil.

Additionally, the STIHL 391 includes a rapid acceleration system that delivers power and speed when the start switch is activated.

Stihl MS 391 chainsaw Specs

The STIHL 391 is a top-of-the-line chainsaw that is perfect for professional arborists or homeowners who demand the best in performance and safety. It has a 20-inch bar length and is perfect for felling trees or limbing.

Its X-Torq engine provides superior power and fuel efficiency, while its chain brake ensures maximum safety. It also has an inertia chain brake that stops the chain in less than 0.1 seconds if kickback occurs

This saw is light enough to be carried easily but still packs a powerful punch, with a weight of 13.67 pounds. The anti-vibration system reduces operator fatigue, making extended use more comfortable.

A mechanical chain tensioner makes it easy to keep the chain properly tensioned, while the ergonomic design of the saw makes it easy to use for extended periods of time.

Stihl MS 391 Features 


The Stihl 391 chainsaw is a durable and reliable saw that has been designed for professional use. One of the key design features is its low weight, which makes it easy to handle.

The saw also has an ergonomic design, which ensures a comfortable grip. Additionally, the Stihl 391 features an advanced chain brake system, which provides added safety when working with the saw.


When it comes to chainsaws, the 391 is a powerhouse. It has more power and is able to handle a wider variety of tasks than most other models.

It can easily cut through thick logs and branches, making it perfect for homeowners or professionals who need a reliable saw for heavy-duty work. Compared to other Stihl models, the 391 is more expensive, but it is well worth the investment.

Ease of Use

It is a lightweight chainsaw that is easy to use. It is perfect for novice users who are looking for an easy-to-use.

The saw has a low kickback chain that makes it easy to control. It also has an automatic chain oiler that ensures the chain is always lubricated.


This chainsaw is a durable piece of equipment that holds up over time. It has a powerful engine and cuts through trees with ease. It is also easy to start and operate. It is a reliable tool that homeowners can depend on.


The Stihl 391 is an excellent chainsaw that delivers performance in all respects. It has a powerful engine that provides plenty of power to cut through wood quickly and easily.

The saw is also very easy to use, with a comfortable and well-balanced design that makes it easy to control. The Stihl 391 is also durable, with a robust construction that can handle tough jobs.

Safety Features

When it comes to chainsaws, safety should be your number one priority. That’s why the Stihl 391 is such a great choice for homeowners.

It comes with a built-in chain brake that will stop the blade quickly if it’s accidentally activated. This prevents any accidental injuries from happening.

In addition, the chainsaw has an inertia-activated chain brake that will activate if the saw is dropped. This provides an extra layer of safety for those who are using the saw.


  • Easy to use
  • Its durable and can handle a lot of abuse.
  • It is a powerful and efficient tool that can easily handle a variety of tasks.


  • It can be difficult to start


Final Thought

The Stihl 362 and the Stihl 391 chainsaws are both great options for homeowners or professionals. The 362 is a little less powerful than the 391, but it is also less expensive.

Ultimately, the choice between these two saws will come down to personal preference and budget.

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