Echo CS 4510 18 Inch Rear Handle Chainsaw Reviews: Specs

Are you looking for a chainsaw that will do the work just right? Look no further. The echo is the brand to go for. It has been a household name for many years now.

In particular, their Echo CS 4510 model exceeds expectations. It combines functionality and convenience to give you the best of both worlds. 

Moreover, it offers superb cutting performance that exceeds that of its competitors and is more than ready to tackle any task you have at hand.

However, if you are still wondering if it is worth it, here is a comprehensive review of its specifications and features to help you make up your mind. 

Echo CS 4510 18 Inch Rear Handle Chainsaw Reviews

Echo CS 4510 reviews

The Echo brand has been in the industry for over ten years, which can be seen in its products. Over time, they have modified them to be better in functionality, ease of use, and convenience.

Quality is a guarantee with Echo products, and their operation is outstanding. The CS 4510 model by Echo is exemplary, to say the least. 

This rear handle chainsaw is designed to offer more power, hence its greater cutting power. It is ideal for a wide range of timber cutting applications, whether it is cleaning up after a storm or simply cutting firewood.

Moreover, this chainsaw cuts through various types of timber with great ease thanks to its automatic adjustable oiler. At a price point of $359.99, this chainsaw is a great value for your money. 

Echo CS 4510 Features

The Echo CS 4510 chainsaw is an ideal mid-range saw that is designed with versatility as well as convenience in mind. Being the lightest 50cc chainsaw with enough power to get the job done, you have nothing to worry about.

This model is an upgrade of its predecessor, the CS 490, with up to 22% more power. This rear handle chainsaw is well suited for large landowners and farmers alike. 

It is ideal for various tasks, including firewood cutting, limbing, tree felling, fence post cutting, brush thinning, pruning low-level branches, and storm cleanup.

Another thing, this chainsaw checks all the boxes you might have when it comes to features. It comes perfectly tailored for the tasks at hand. 

Spring vibration reduction:

For one, it features a 3-point spring vibration reduction system that offers its operators the luxury of a quiet operation. Now you do not have to deal with constant vibration that could disrupt operation anymore. 

High-quality bar and chain:

Moreover, it comes with 16 and 18-inch bars with a 20BPX chain. All these are of premium quality and guarantee the best performance and durability. Not forgetting the 50cc 2-stroke commercial-grade engine that you can always count on.

Adjustable bar oiler:

On top of that, this chainsaw comes fitted with an adjustable bar oiler that allows you to adjust the oil flow to match that of the cutting conditions. This means that you can use the chainsaw on various tasks and wood types with reduced oil consumption. 

The choke with its automatic fast idle comes in handy for easy starting. Furthermore, it has a dual post chain brake that enhances its durability. The metal spike is replaceable for improved user control and leverage. Also, it comes with a G-force engine air pre-cleaner that ensures long air filter life.  

Spring-assist starter:

The spring-assist starter comes in handy to reduce the starting effort, which in the long run, contributes to durability. A decompression valve aids in making the recoil start-up easier with a clutch-driven oiler that keeps the bar oiled as well as reduces the overall oil consumption.

Purge bulb and translucent fuel tank:

There is also a purge bulb that delivers the carburetor with fresh fuel. With the translucent fuel tank, you can clearly see the fuel level so you can refill it in time. The oil and fuel caps require tool-less adjustment for enhanced convenience. 

Echo CS 4510 Specifications 

Echo CS-4510 chainsaw reviews

The Echo CS 4510 is a petrol chainsaw that is designed for all-around use. Generally, it is a big machine with a powerful engine. Other specifications include its 45 cc and 2.75 cu in engine displacement. Its dry weight is 11 pounds, conveniently lightweight enough for easy maneuverability. 

Moreover, it comes with a digital ignition system and a spring assist starting system for easy starting. The carburetor features a butterfly-valve diaphragm. 

Furthermore, the fuel capacity is 16.2 oz while the oil capacity is 11.1 oz. It features a plastic casing and handles. Another feature that the CS 4510 prides itself in is the 13000 RPMs it produces. The available bar lengths are 16, 18, and 20 inches. 

However, it does not come inclusive of the bar and chain. This product is backed by a 5-year consumer warranty. 

Weight11.1 lbs
Sprocket CoverPlastic
Bar Lengths16, 18 Inch
Warranty5-year consu/1 year commercial


  • It is made for versatility 
  • It is conveniently lightweight 
  • It comes with a powerful engine
  • This chainsaw can be used for a wide range of applications. 


  • The Echo CS 4510 is on the expensive side 
  • This chainsaw is relatively heavy


The Echo CS 4510 is a recent addition in the chainsaw market, having debuted in 2021. Its retail price is $359.99. On top of that, it comes with either a commercial warranty of 1 year or a 5-year residential warranty. 

Echo CS4510 vs CS 4510ES

best echo chainsaw

From the 4510 chainsaws, Echo came up with the 4510ES which slightly differ from each other. The introduction of this new model into the market was warmly welcomed as it set a benchmark for the rear handle chainsaws.

Just like Echo 4510, 4510ES comes with a 45cc two-stroke engine with an ideal power-to-weight ratio making it powerful and at the same time lighter than its competitors. 

At a dry weight of only 5 kg, it delivers a better output of 2.3kW. Its lightweight design not only makes it storage-convenient, but you can also easily move it around where needed. Moreover, just like all products in the Echo roster, this model is feature-packed to meet all the Echo standards. 

With use, the Echo CS 4510ES proves to be no ordinary saw. It is well suited for operators who are looking for durability, performance, and ergonomics in a chainsaw. Moreover, this model features the latest of Echo’s engine platforms, the stage II emissions-compliant engine, which enhances its performance. 

This two-stroke engine comes with a piston-operated scavenging system which works by creating a layer of fuel-free air between the fresh charge in the crankcase and the burnt charge in the combustion chamber.

It comes with a buffer that works to reduce fuel-laden losses during the cycle. This means that the chainsaw is able to generate more torque for faster cutting through wood. It does so more efficiently regardless of the type of wood. 

On top of that, this model comes with other additional features such as the new air filter design made to shield the engine from excessive dust intake, a translucent fuel tank that clearly indicates the fuel level, drop-out prevention nuts, and the ES easy starting system to facilitate easy starting. 

Other features include the inertia chain brake, 6 position anti-vibration cushions on the rear handle, and a clean air system pre-cleaned by the flywheel. You can count on this model for enhanced productivity with reduced downtime in maintenance. Moreover, it is backed by a 5-year domestic warranty or a 2-year professional warranty. 

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If you feel like Echo CS 4510 or the Echo CS 4510ES aren’t ideal choices for your projects, there are other options you can consider. The two best models you might want to look at include: 



Husqvarna has been the leading expert in the manufacture and design of forestry equipment for a while now. They pride themselves in the manufacture of some of the top-of-the-range models that are ideal for a wide range of needs. 

The 550XP Mark II boasts an upgraded level of cutting capacity, endurance, and maneuverability. This model is optimized for urban and harvests forestry applications such as limbing, felling, and cross-cutting. 

This model weighs 5.3 kg with a power output of 3kW. It features a slimmed-down design alongside a host of innovative features that make it reliable and efficient. This model comes with X-Torq engines, air injection, lowVib antivibration, and AutoTune. 

2. Makita DUC355 Chainsaw

Makita DUC355

Makita’s battery-powered DUC355 model operates using two 18V lithium-ion batteries which produce a total voltage of 36V. 

The incorporation of a battery provides the user with flexibility on site. This chainsaw is ideal for tree surgeons and foresters and is tailored for their needs. 

This model is also comparatively quiet compared to the petrol alternatives. The vibration levels are battery-operated and are significantly reduced to make the tool safer on site. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What type of oil do I need to use in my oil tank?

Proper lubrication of the chain during operation is vital. It works to reduce the friction between the guide bar and chain to a minimum as well as ensure a long service use. High-quality Echo bar and chain oil are recommended for this purpose. 

What is the difference between the top handle and rear handle chain saws?

The top handle chainsaws, also known as arborists saws, are specifically designed for foresters, professional arborists, and tree surgeons. With this chainsaw, a one-handed operation is possible when needed.

Moreover, they are light in weight and are conveniently compact for use at a height. On the other hand, the rear handle chainsaws are more suited for use on the ground. Use at a height is not recommended. 

What is the cutting diameter the bar can effectively cut?

Echo chainsaws are designed to effectively cut up to 1 3//4-inch the length of the bar being used on that model. That will be the maximum diameter your chainsaw can cut. 

How can I clean the product?

You can clean the machine with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Ensure that you do not use gasoline, brake fluid, petroleum-based fluids, or other strong solvents to clean the products. Plastics tend to be prone to damage when some chemical solvents are used.

Final Thought

Echo CS 4510 chainsaw is indeed a worthy investment. It is the chainsaw to go for if you are looking for a long, trouble-free life.

You can count on it for easy starting, smooth running, and years of dependable performance.

Whether it is cutting firewood, pruning limbs, or taking down a tree, this chainsaw is equal to the task.

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