Stihl MS 271 vs Husqvarna 450 | Which one’s RIGHT for your needs?

When it comes to forestry, homeowners and contractors often find themselves in a bind – they need a powerful chainsaw that can handle the most difficult cuts, but they also want something that’s easy to use.

In this article, we’ll compare two popular chainsaws – the Stihl MS 271 vs Husqvarna 450. Both saws boast extremely powerful engines and sharp teeth that make them ideal for cutting through thick trees and limbs.

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Comparison Chart

Most people will likely look to the Husqvarna 450 or Stihl MS 271. However, which one is the best for your needs? This comparison chart will help you decide.


Stihl MS 271

Husqvarna 450


Power Type




50.2 cc

50.2 cc


13 Pounds

11.3 Pounds

Maximum bar length

16 Inch

20 Inch

Fuel Tank Size

16.9 oz

14.2 oz


2 years

3 years

Air Filter System



Anti-Vibration System



Ergonomic Rear Handle         



Operator Presence Control (OPC)




Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw

stihl ms 27chainsaw

The biggest selling point of the Stihl is that it has a low noise level, which makes it friendlier to the environment. It also allows you to work in close proximity with residences without disturbing them or for homeowners not to disturb their neighbors. 

The chainsaw is user-friendly and anyone who’s used an outdoor power tool should have no difficulties at all when operating this model. The engine starts quickly, usually on the first pull, but sometimes the second pull is necessary.

Stihl chainsaws are known to be very durable compared to others in their class. Just keep in mind that you will only receive a two-year warranty when you purchase this machine – this might be one drawback people don’t like about the Stihl. The MS-271 has good power to weight ratio and can handle most jobs around the home without any problems.

  • 3-point Anti Vibration System 
  • Auto Chain oiling 
  • Low vibration levels during operation 
  • Side access chain tensioner 
  • Heavy weight 
  • Heavier oil consumption


Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

husqvarna 450 chainsaw

The Husqvarna is also low noise and low emission, making not only the operator but everyone in the vicinity happy with its operations. The company has been known for providing some of the best and most well-balanced chainsaws out there on the market which makes it very popular among professionals. 

It has an excellent ergonomic design with its vibration dampening technology that ensures you won’t feel as much fatigue when using this model for longer periods of time – it’s almost like you’re not holding a saw at all!

This model requires less maintenance than most models out there on the market; it has an easy-to-follow instruction booklet that makes cleaning and general maintenance quite simple.

This model is also durable, which means you’ll spend more time cutting through your logs than fixing this chainsaw when your job around the house or in the woods is done for the day.

  • Ease of use
  • Quick-release air filter access
  • Air injection
  • Squirt lubrication into the combustion chamber
  • Small oil tank 
  • Relatively high purchase price


Similarities between Stihl MS 271 and Husqvarna 450 chainsaws

stihl ms 271 vs husqvarna 450
Source: Czech Forest


Both these chainsaws come with an engine of 50 cc only but the power output between both is very much different. The Husqvarna 450 has 9000 RPM while the Stihl 271 delivers 9000 RPM at its optimum level. These figures show which one will deliver more energy to cut harder stuff faster than others could do it.

Even though it’s not always the, normally Stihl chainsaw engines are slightly larger and more powerful than Husqvarna’s. This is because Stihl chainsaws use a 2.1-stroke engine while Husqvarna uses a 2-stroke engine. 

A 2-stroke engine has more power as it can be revved up to create extra power but on the downside, it also creates more emissions and vibrations which is why many people prefer 4-stroke engines over 2-stroke engines.

The chainsaw uses a low emission two-stroke engine: Stihl MS271 2 MIX technology and Husqvarna 450 – X-Torq® technology. Both of them result in better fuel efficiency, less harmful exhaust fumes, and reduced noise levels for easier communication in the forest environment.


If you use a chainsaw for long periods of time while working in difficult positions, then you need comfort features like handlebar and grip positions along with rubberized grips and ergonomic trigger switches. Both saws have these comforts.

Safety locks

In order to reduce friction between trees when felling or climbing, both models have so-called Smart Start recoil systems which will do most of the work for you. In addition to this, they also have a decompression button below the rear handle which can be used to remove some of the tension from the starter cord. Both saws also have safety locks.

Power to weight ratio

Both of these chainsaws come equipped with very convenient features such as their anti-vibration systems which reduce fatigue while still providing excellent power to weight ratios. 

They also both start easily thanks to “easy2start” technology or automatic decompression valves which open when starting for easier cold starts. Both of them are lightweight chainsaws at around 11 pounds and they’re relatively quiet thanks to their mufflers. 

Air cleaner

Both of these chainsaws have air cleaners that collect dust particles from the air before they mix with oil in order to prevent correct mix ratios resulting in poor performance or even damage to your saw. They both also have tool free chain tensioners for easy maintenance on your saw.   

Differences between Stihl MS 271 and Husqvarna 450 chainsaws

Bar length

Stihl MS 271 has a 16-inches bar length while Husqvarna 450 offers 20 inches. The longer bar gives you extra cutting ability which is especially useful when felling trees or dismantling large trunks. When it comes to the vibration levels, both models are equipped with excellent Vibration Reduction handles and anti-vibration dampeners.


Husqvarna 450 is lighter than Stihl MS 271 by just 2 pounds, however, it is still more expensive by $80-$100. In summary, both chainsaws are good enough for forestry use, and if you’ll ask me which one I’d recommend them.

If you already own a Husqvarna saw and you’re looking for a new model with the same brand name but offering more power and comfort features then go for it.

The Husqvarna 450 is slightly lighter at 11 pounds whereas the Stihl MS 271 weighs 2 pounds more which means you get a better balance in your saw with the Husqvarna chainsaw even though they are both lightweight chainsaws.

However, if this is your first chainsaw purchase or you don’t have previous experience with Stihl MS 271 then I suggest that you take a closer look at Husqvarna 450. The cutting capacity is the same and you’ll have that extra peace of mind knowing that it’s made by one of the most respected chainsaw manufacturers.

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The Stihl MS 271 has a 50 cc two-stroke engine that can push out 2.1 kW of power whereas the Husqvarna 450 has a 50.2 cc four-stroke engine that provides up to 3 kW of power which is more than double the power output of the Stihl chainsaw even though they are both rated similarly at 2.8 kW or around 3.0 hp for their respective motors.

Stihl chainsaws use a 2-stroke engine while Husqvarna uses a 2-stroke engine so if you’re concerned about environmental effects then you may prefer the Stihl model as it doesn’t produce as many emissions or noise pollution but it will produce more vibrations due to the engine.


The Husqvarna 450 can maintain a constant speed while working whether it’s cutting, ripping, or even limbing compared to the Stihl chainsaw since it has inertia activated chain brake which helps protect you from injury in case of kickback during sudden stops in power after being stalled.

On top of that, this model also features “Automatic Torque Control” for easy handling when cutting high branches or even limbing thinner trees by adjusting power transmitted to the bar and chain automatically which is especially useful when working with limbs.


The Stihl MS 271 is mostly made of metal on the outside which means that it’s more durable than its competitor even though both are durable models overall.

On top of that, the Stihl model also has anti-vibration dampeners on all 3 major parts (engine, bar, and rubber handle) for better comfort while using it as well as “quick stop” for fast chain brake activation in case of emergencies.

Maintenance design

The Stihl MS 271 has a low maintenance design allowing you to easily change its spark plug without removing the muffler or even drain/fill engine oil which makes it easier to maintain overall compared to the Husqvarna 450 with its “easy2start” technology.

This model also has an automatic hydraulic oil pump that keeps your bar and chain lubricated at all times so you don’t have to wait between sessions before being able to use it again.

Final Verdict

The Stihl MS 271 chainsaw is a great option for anyone who is looking for a powerful chainsaw that is easy to use.

The Husqvarna 450, on the other hand, is a great chainsaw if you are looking for a more advanced model that is also easier to use. Either chainsaw would be a great choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their cutting experience.

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