6 Best 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw In 2021 | Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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While researching chainsaws, you will see different types of chainsaws that come in different sizes. 

The ones that I like most are the 18-inch electric chainsaw. These chainsaws have enough power to deal with any task and give you great results.

But, choosing one can be hard. That’s why…

We have prepared a review guide that has the best 18-inch chainsaws in the market. The list will help you pick the right chainsaw within your budget and project demands.

We have also made a buyers guide that will educate and help you understand how chainsaw work and what features you should look for when you are buying one.

But before deep-diving into the detailed review,  let’s take a moment to benefits of electric chainsaw.

Here are the Best 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw In 2021:

  1. WORX WG304.1 18-Inch Electric Chainsaw 
  2. Oregon CS1500 18 in Corded Electric Chainsaw
  3. BLACK+DECKER CS1518  18-Inch Electric Chainsaw
  4. Greenworks 18-Inch 14.5 Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw
  5. Sun Joe SWJ701E 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw
  6. MaxLander 18 Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw

If you are in a hurry and don’t have so much time in reading detailed reviews of these products, you can check the quick comparison chart showing the top 18 inch electric chainsaws.


Product Name



WORX WG304.1

● Corded Electric
● 18 Inch Blade

● 3 Year Warranty

Oregon CS1500

● Corded Electric
● 18 Inch Blade

● 2 Year Warranty


● Corded Electric

● 16 Inch Blade
● 2 Year Warranty


● Corded Electric

● 16 Inch Blade
● 4 Year Warranty

Sun Joe SWJ701E

● Corded Electric

● 18 Inch Blade
● 2 Year Warranty


● Corded Electric

● 18 Inch Blade
● 2 Year Warranty

Benefits of Using an Electric Chainsaw

Investing in an electric chainsaw has many advantages. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

  • Quiet Operation – Compared to gas chainsaws, electric options produce less noise. So, you can use it at any time of the day without disturbing your neighbors.
  • No Fuel Emissions – As electric chainsaws don’t use gasoline for operation, no harmful emissions are produced. So, it is good for your health and the environment as well.
  • Less Maintenance – Since electric models don’t have complicated engine and fewer parts, it is very easy to maintain. This makes it a better option for busy people and homeowners.
  • One-time Investment – Apart from the initial lower price investment, it is also cheaper to own an electric chainsaw over the long term. There is no need to purchasing fuel-making these machines easy on your pockets.
  • Infinite Cutting Time – With corded models, you can work for as long as you want without stopping for refueling.
  • Lighter Weights – As electric models don’t come with gas tanks or any heavy engine components, they are light in weight and portable.
  • Less Vibration – Gas-powered electric chainsaws are popular for vibrating a lot while operating. But electric chainsaw isn’t difficult on hands and doesn’t produce any vibrations. So, it is safe to use for longer periods of time.

What is the Best 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw?

If you are looking for the best 14-inch electric chainsaw that gives you great results then you should check these popular choices:-

  1. WORX WG305 14-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw
  2. Greenworks 20222 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw


What is the Best 16-inch Electric Chainsaw?

When it comes to the best 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw, that gives you great results then you have these powerful choices:-

  1. WORX WG303.1 16-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw 
  2. Greenworks 20232 16-Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw 


6 Best 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw Reviews

1.  WORX WG304.1 18-Inch Electric Chainsaw 

best 18 inch electric chainsaw

Worx is a popular brand in the chainsaw market. This chainsaw cutting kit has everything you need to get started right away. It can be a great pick if you are looking for the best 18-inch electric chainsaw option.

Worx WG304.1 chainsaw is present in the 1st position in this article. This chainsaw is quite popular and has a high rating due to the cutting performance that it offers. As per its name, you get an 18-inch cutting blade in this electric saw. And this blade is powered by a 15.0 amp motor that is quite powerful for cutting trees.

Since this chainsaw is made by WORX and uses brushless motors, it comes with a 3-year warranty. As a result, it can last you for a long time without any issues. It offers great features like a safety switch, auto oiler, quick start, and much more. All of these things make it a great one-for-money option for many users.


Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight11.3 Pounds
Amps15 A
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions20.6 x 14.6 x 8.1 Inches
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Powerful yet safe to use
  • Auto tension chain system
  • Automatic oil lubrication
  • 3 year warranty
  • A little heavier


2. Oregon CS1500 18 in Corded Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 electric Chainsaw

Oregon is another popular brand of power tools that offers various kinds of options. You can even find a great chainsaw option from Oregon, as mentioned here.

Oregon CS1500 chainsaw is present in the 2nd position in this article as it comes with various accessories. It includes things like a chainsaw, cover, battery pack, charging kit, and more. And all of these things make it a great value for money option. You also get a 2-year warranty with this electric chainsaw from Oregon.

A great thing about this chainsaw is that it is quite lightweight at just 12.6 pounds. This chainsaw allows you to easily use it as well as carry it around. It even offers a tool-less tensioning system in this chainsaw that is always quite handy to have.


Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight12.6 Pounds
Amps15 A
Warranty2 Years
Dimensions18 x 37.5 x 10.5 Inches
  • Easy to start
  • Light-weight
  • Lubri-Tec oiling system
  • Over-mold comfort handle
  • Doesn’t feel like it is built to last


3. BLACK+DECKER CS1518  18-Inch Electric Chainsaw

Black Decker is another great option if you are looking for highly rated and affordable power tools brands. While it mainly makes affordable products, we are here with a high end powerful electric chainsaw option from Black Decker in this article.

BLACK+DECKER electric chainsaw is present in the 3rd position in this article as it is the cheapest option present in this article. as it is one of the best performing compact chainsaws. Since it has an 18-inch blade size, the overall size and form factor of this chainsaw is quite compact.

This chainsaw is also quite lightweight that allows you to carry it around without any issues easily. And it can provide this high-end performance while being quite cheaper when compared with similarly powerful options out there.

You get a great build quality in this chainsaw along with a 2-year warranty. It allows you to easily adjust the chain tension using its tool-less chain tensioning system. And this chainsaw even offers a chain brake feature for the safety of the user while cutting trees and tree branches.


Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight12 Pounds
Amps15 A
Warranty2 Years
Dimensions20.69 x 13.19 x 10.81 Inches
  • User-friendly
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor
  • Longer run-time and overall life
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • Chain break feature for safety during use
  • Not for heavy-duty


4. Greenworks 18-Inch 14.5 Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

greenworks 18-Inch corded electric chainsaw

Greenworks can be a great option if you are looking for a corded electric chainsaw for cutting trees. And the chainsaw mentioned here is one of the best corded electric options made by Greenworks.

This chainsaw comes with a decently large 18-inch blade that is powered by a 14.5 amp motor. That means it is the most powerful motor, it can certainly help you cut a lot of trees without any issues.

It has a relatively affordable price tag, you get a 4-year warranty with it. Since it also offers decent build quality, you can expect this chainsaw to last for a long time without any issues. You also get an automatic oiler function in this chainsaw that keeps it lubricated at all times.


Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight12.1 Pounds
Amps14.5 A
Warranty4 Years
Dimensions33 x 10.25 x 8.5 Inches
  • Quick start
  • Good safety features
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • 4 years warranty
  • Feels flimsy


5. Sun Joe SWJ701E 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw    

Sun Joe is a highly popular brand of power tools out there due to its high-performance options. It offers a high-performance cordless chainsaw with a justified price tag that is present in this article.

This chainsaw comes with an 18-inch blade that offers a great balance between size and cutting power.  You get a great cutting performance from this cordless chainsaw. You can easily cut trees and tree branches using this chainsaw.

You also get a 2-year warranty with this motor and excellent build quality. As a result, it is the most durable and reliable cordless chainsaw option present in this article. It can last you a long time even if you are using it for heavy-duty applications.


Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight9.7 Pounds
Amps14.5 Amp
Warranty2 Years
Dimensions34.5 x 7.8 x 10.3 Inches
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful 14-amp motor
  • Hand guard with kickback brake function
  • Occasional leaking of oil when stored


6. MaxLander 18 Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw

MaxLander is a highly popular brand of power tools like electric chainsaws that are known for making value for money products. You also get a 2-year warranty with this electric chainsaw that means that you can use it for a long time without any issues.

A great thing about this chainsaw is that it has a quick start function that is always great to have in an electric corded chainsaw. It comes with 15m/s chain speed and a super nice balance that is always cut very fast.

And since this 18-inch blade is powered by a decently powerful 15A powerful motor, you can easily cut trees and tree branches using it. The battery of this cordless electric chainsaw also has a decent battery life as it uses a 4.0 Ah battery. And even if you run out of battery, you can easily replace it since the battery replacement mechanism of this chainsaw is quite simple.


Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight14.62 Pounds
Amps15 A
Warranty2 Years
Dimensions21.4 x 9.5 x 9.5 Inches
  • Auto Oiling And Big Oil Window
  • Fast cut and super nice balance
  • Tool Less Chain Tension
  • Suitable for cutting large rounds
  • Bit heavy
  • Very expensive


Things to consider before buying the Best 18-inch electric chainsaw

As it is a power tool, you have to consider several factors while purchasing it. These factors determine whether they are capable of handling your requirements or not. To help you out, we have provided a detailed buying guide for electric chainsaws below. You can simply go through this buying guide to understand these factors and easily choose the perfect chainsaw for you:

1. Guide Bar Length 

One of the most important things to check while buying an electric chainsaw is its blade size. Different chainsaw models come with varying sizes of blades and are targeted mainly at different users. And as you would expect, larger blade size is more effective and practical for cutting large trees.

2. Motor Power

Based on their motor power, electric chainsaw models deliver different power outputs. When it comes to corded electric chainsaws, most of them come with a 7 to 15amp range of power, making them suitable for light to heavy works.

If you are a professional or need to cut/trim trees frequently, then you should choose a model with a powerful model. 12amps or 15amp motor power corded chainsaw is the right choice. The 15amp model will provide better efficiency than the 12amp model. You can choose based on your preference.

When it comes to a cordless electric chainsaw, they come in 20volts and 40volts models. The 40-volt model will be more powerful than the 20volt model. While analyzing the batteries, you have to consider amps per hour rating (Ah). You can find 2.0 Ah or 5.0Ah batteries for cordless chainsaws. For high performance and longer runtime, you have to go for a higher Ah rating.

3. Blade Speed

Another great way to ensure that your electric chainsaw performs to the mark is to look at its blade speed. It is measured in rotations per minute (RPM). A faster chain speed allows you to cut faster. It also results in a much cleaner cut while cutting trees and tree branches.

You can find chainsaw options with a blade speed like 2000 RPM or 3000 RPM. For small tasks, 2000 RPM is sufficient. But for medium-duty tasks, we recommend to go for 3000 RPM.

Some chainsaw options have their blade speed mentioned as FPM which stands for feet per minute. This includes options like 40 FPM or 50 FPM, where an electric chainsaw with a blade speed of 50 FPM offers better performance to the user.

4. Oiler Type

Whatever might the type of chainsaw, lubrication plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the chain and blade. Frequent oiling prevents overheat and damage.

The lubrication process differs based on the chainsaw you select. Basically, there are three types of oiling process. The ideal one depends on your convenience.

  • Manual Oiler – In this type, you can oil the bar and chain manually by pushing a button. The timing and oiling amount will in your control.
  • Automatic Oiler (Fixed Flow) – It is a self-oiling system that delivers constant oiling to the chainsaw components. But the flow cannot be adjusted (increased or decreased).
  • Automatic Oiler (Adjustable flow) – Just like the above one, it is also a self-oiling system but it comes with adjusting capability. So, you can either increase or decrease according to the requirement.

An automatic oiler with adjustable flow provides the best of the other two types – constant oiling and control as well. It is better to choose an electric chainsaw with an adjustable oiler. Or else, you can have to stop between the task multiple times to oil the chain.

5. Chain Brake System

In some situations, even an experienced chainsaw operator can experience kickback – it is a sudden thrust caused by a chainsaw blade when it hits any hard object like a nail. This kickback can lead to potential accidents or cuts to the upper body, including the face.

It is better to choose a model that comes with a chain brake system – it stops the chain from spinning when a kickback occurs. It is available in two types – Manual and activated.

  • Manual Chain Brake – The chain will stop turning when it makes physical contact happens with a wide bar situated in front of the handlebar.
  • Inertia-Activated Chain Brake – The chain will stop from spinning when upward force is encountered. It has an internal mechanism that doesn’t require any physical contact for triggering the chain brake.

Both of these brake mechanisms are safe and effective. However, inertia activated model is the most advanced option. But this feature can increase the chainsaw price.

6. Chain Tensioner Type

The chain of the chainsaw takes a hard beating on a regular basis. So, it has to be adjusted from time to time. This is even more important for fresh chainsaws – as they more to stretch.

Chainsaws come with different ways of adjusting the chain tension. Two of the more popular – scrench and tool-less.

  • Scrench Chain Tensioner – It is performed using a scrench – a combination of a wrench and screwdriver. Using this special tool, the bolt or screw of the chainsaw is turned to adjust the chain tension.
  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioner – It doesn’t come with any special tool. Instead of that, a knob is provided on the device. You can easily adjust the chain tension by turning the knob.

You can choose any model based on your convenience and preference.

7. Buckling Spikes

These are the sharp metal spikes that are connected to the chainsaw body. They are usually located at the bottom of the guide bar. You can dig them into the tree trunk for support while cutting. This feature lets you cut thick trees easily, achieve straight cuts, and also acts as protection from kickback.

8. Handles

There are two common types of handles – top and rear.

  • Rear Handle – They are suitable for cutting tasks that can do while standing on the ground. For example – cutting logs, trimming shrubs, small trees, and other pre-cut products.
  • Top Handle – They are provided for use when the user has to climb up a tall tree or elevated platform for cutting. They are specially designed for professionals. It is not recommended to use them unless you have proper training.

9. Anti-Vibration Feature

With this feature, you will feel a vibration while operating the chainsaw. It helps to operate the chainsaw for a longer period of time without leading to numbness in your hands.

10. Throttle Lock

Before using the electric chainsaw, you have to unlock the throttle. This feature prevents any unintentional operation of the chainsaw.

11. Weight

It is an important factor to consider as you will lift the machine while cutting the tree. Check out how much the chainsaw weighs and how long it requires you to complete the task. Based on that, you can decide which one suits you better. Electric chainsaws weigh from 9 pounds to 15 pounds. Proper distribution of the weight is also important to consider.

12. Construction

Electric chainsaw with metallic components will be sturdier and last longer as well. However, they can be a bit expensive. If you have a budget constraint, polycarbonate is another material often used in chainsaws. It is a decent alternative but it is not as sturdy as metal. If you can afford it, it is better to go for the metallic build, even if it weighs a little bit more.

13. Compatibility with Attachments

Woodworking projects have diverse tasks. So, it is better to choose a model that is versatile. Compatibility with attachments lets you serve different purposes. Some of the attachments are Debarkers (cleans logs before cutting), milling machines (which lets you cut wood for planks and beams). Some of the models even come with an option of pole attachment. This one lets you reach extended or elevated places for trimming and pruning tall trees.

14. Extras

Some of the electric chainsaw models come with several modern features that ease up performing certain tasks. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

  • Air-Cleaning Filter – It prevents the accumulation of dust particles and debris from the internal parts of the chainsaw. It also prevents any type of sputtering.
  • Auto-Chain Adjustment system – It prevents manual procedure of adjusting the chain tension.
  • Auto-Chain Lubrication – It automatically lubricates the chain. So, you don’t have to stop in the middle of task to lubricate the chain.

As electric chainsaws run either on battery or electricity, it doesn’t emit any fumes. You have to refill the fuel regularly. These are the main reasons why electric saws homeowners prefer this option for their residential tasks.

15. Popularity and Ratings

Check out the reviews and ratings of people who have purchased and used electric chainsaws. It lets you know which brand or model is providing efficient performance.

16. Price

Just like any other product, you will get what you pay for. Electric chainsaws range from $70 to $300 based on the features, power, and performance. You can find some good and non-professional options in the lower range as well. But it is better to read the reviews before making the purchase. Make sure to check out the power, safety features, or power.

17. Durability and Reliability

The easiest way to check the durability of any power tool like a chainsaw is to check the warranty offered by it. While most electric chainsaws come with a 2 year or a 3-year warranty, you can also find some options with a 4-year warranty. And as you would expect, the chainsaw option with a 4-year warranty lasts for a long time. This ensures that you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.

Another factor to look for while looking for a durable and reliable chainsaw is to check its build quality. Any chainsaw that uses heavy-duty materials like iron and steel should last for a long time. You can even find some chainsaws with carbide tipped chains or blades that offer a much cleaner cut and can cut wood for a long time.

Final Verdict

These are our reviews of the best 18-inch electric chainsaws. WORX WG304.1 is the no.1 pick for the best 18-inch electric chainsaw in 2021. Because it ticks all the boxes with a lightweight, comfortable grip, safety features, and 3 years warranty.

But if you are looking for something more powerful chainsaw Oregon CS1500 is our pick for the best value for money chainsaw.


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