Oregon CS1400 vs oregon CS1500 | Which One is Best?

Different chainsaws with different power levels, features, and prices are available in the market. However, Oregon CS1400 vs Oregon CS1500 can be considered one of the most discussed chainsaws due to their price difference along with several other similarities. 

Oregon CS1400 and CS1500 chainsaws are two powerful tools for serious loggers who like to work with big trees in the forest or at home. When it comes to power both saws are almost identical. 

They can provide plenty of energy for any type of wood sawing activity, including cutting off the large sections of deadwood on your property or clearing fire lanes after a long-ago forest fire.

Comparison Chart

There seems to be some confusion about Oregon CS1400 and Oregon CS1500 chainsaws. To clear up any and all confusion, we have put together a simple comparison chart for you


Oregon CS1400

Oregon CS1500


Maximum Power Speed

7800 rpm

7200 rpm

Acceleration time

(0–30 m/s)

(0–30 m/s)

Maximum cutting force

28 kN

34 kN

Maximum bar length

16 Inch

18 Inch

Power Type




2 years

3 years

Low kickback



Tool-less tensioning system 




Where are Oregon chainsaw products

Oregon chainsaw products are made in Portland, Oregon. The city is home to several chainsaw manufacturing companies, which produce a wide variety of chainsaw-related products. These companies employ a large number of workers, who use their skills to produce high-quality chainsaw products.

Oregon chainsaw manufacturers produce a wide variety of saws, including gas-powered and electric models. The most popular chainsaws in Oregon are the Oregon CS1500, CS1400, and CS300.

Oregon CS1400 Chainsaw

 Oregon CS1400 16 Inch electric chainsaw

The Oregon CS1400 16 Inch electric chainsaw is manufactured by the Oregon company, one of the largest manufacturers in chainsaws and other outdoor equipment. 

The best thing about this machine is that it has a really good design with many incredible features. 

Oregon CS1400 chainsaws are some of the most reliable on the market. There is a reason that it has become one of the more popular chainsaws used by both professionals and homeowners alike. 

You might be wondering what makes the Oregon CS1400 chainsaw different from others. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this particular model to see just why so many people have come to favor it over other options available for purchase.

  • Inexpensive
  • Has automatic oiler 
  • Has anti vibration system
  • Has air purge
  • Great power to weight ratio
  • It doesn’t come assembled
  • It doesn’t have a starter or electric ignition


Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw Oregon CS1400 18 Inch electric chainsaw

The Oregon CS1500 is a high-performance, lightweight chainsaw that has been used for several months to cut firewood. It runs at 2400 watts/220 volts. It’s got plenty of power to run through logs up to 24 inches in diameter and 9 feet long quickly with ease.

The unit accepts standard 18-inch Oregon chainsaw blades.  It is also available with a longer bar and chain if you need to cut larger logs or trees.

The CS1500 is back-weighted for excellent performance.  The rubber grip allows you to hold onto the saw without slipping when your hands are sweaty or cold. 

It’s light enough that you can use it all day long without getting tired, however, as an added bonus, the CS1500 comes with a shoulder harness that makes using this saw even easier.

  • It’s easy to start
  • A solid and well balanced machine
  • Has an automatic chain oiler system
  • Low cutting speed


Similarities Between Oregon Cs1400 And Oregon Cs1500 Chainsaws

Bar nut

Both have a patented quick-release bar nut for fast chain adjustments, while the 16″ model is slightly shorter overall than its corded sibling.


Both the Oregon CS1400 and CS1500 parts lists look nearly identical with many of the same major components. The differences can be seen in the engine and fuel tank below while the drive sprocket cover on top (seen removed here) has been slightly modified for an easy fit on either model.


Both of these chainsaws have orange machinery at least near where you grip or handle them. They both also have a nice yellow stand out on their case. 

The only difference is that the CS1500 has yellow handguards while cs1400 does not have any handguard protection whatsoever, so if you need some protection when cutting through small branches or when doing an overhead cut, then I highly recommend purchasing the CS1500.


Both of these chainsaws are designed for cutting wood, but they also have the capability to cut through some other materials. The Oregon CS1400P is a 16-inch chainsaw, and the CS1500 is 18 inches on the bar.

Electronic ignition motors

Both the CS1400 and the CS1500 are powered by electronic ignition motors. They both use an Oregon Vortex two-stroke engine that requires no oil mixing whatsoever. This chainsaw, just like any other chainsaw, can be used to cut down trees for firewood or any other purpose you want it to serve.

Chain Stop Control

After some initial teething problems regarding loose chain stops on early models, Oregon has taken customer feedback on board and redesigned this part of the equipment. 

This issue shouldn’t affect new machines but if having difficulty with the chain continuing to run after releasing stop then remove all slack from the spring adjustment screw thoroughly which should allow for free movement of the entire assembly, if not replace the tension spring assembly part number 9984H25. 

The chain can still continue to run for 5-10 seconds meanwhile so take care when using the lopper, particularly when cutting high up in trees.

Oiling System

The oil assembly has been redesigned for both models and now uses a cast alloy pump that is lighter than previous cast iron oil pumps. The modified oil tank has been changed to accommodate the new pump which means older parts such as chains, saws, etc will not fit this model.

Motor Capacity / Power Rating

The Oregon machine has always exceeded what many sawmills require on a daily basis however some have raised concerns about power output on the new CS1400 model when cutting larger logs upwards of 30-35cm. 

Specifications show motor capacity at 12 amp AC or 15 amp DC so one could be forgiven for thinking it’s underpowered compared to previous models although actual capacity remains closer to 10 amps on both models hence why some are having issues with larger cuts. 

The solution is simple… use the largest bar possible to reduce cutting resistance. At the end of the day if you are regularly cutting larger logs regularly with an 11″ bar then either upgrade the saw or look at other options to increase power/torque.

The CS1500 can use 12″ bars but realistically 10″ should be used for most applications. Cutting anything above 34cm diameter is unsuitable for these models as there is simply not enough chain speed to cut properly unless extremely sharp chain and sprocket components are fitted at the point of manufacture plus correct tension settings etc.

110/120 Volt AC Charging Adaptor

Oregon part number 999H32 can be used with both models and is an exact replacement for the factory adapter which was available as an optional extra. This part has been redesigned with a set screw to hold it into place rather than being held in place by friction fit.

The chains themselves will need replacing after 1-2 hours depending on the level of usage, sharpness, exposure to rain/moisture, dust exposure, etc.

Difference Between Oregon Cs1400 And Oregon Cs1500 Chainsaws


First, one being the weight difference clearly makes the 800 model much lighter than its counterpart. The CS 1500 consists of 12.6 pounds with a dimension of 18 x 37.5 x 10.5 inches and can be carried around easily for longer periods without any stress on the arms and the back making it easier to handle and cut through woods for long hours.

On the other hand, since the cs1400 model is lightweight it makes it easier to control, unlike its heavier counterpart which can cause accidents such as kickbacks whilst working on trees, etc. 

A light chainsaw like cs1400 is generally more flexible than a heavy saw plus you can carry them with greater ease throughout your cutting session at heights or when climbing up ladders etc.

Automatic oiler

The next difference is that cs1400 has an automatic oiler on the chain which helps to lubricate the chain every time it comes in contact with the bar, whereas cs1500 does not have any kind of automatic oiler on its saw. 

The lack of an automatic oiler makes the CS 1500 slightly harder to use compared to the cs1400 model due to the necessity for manually oiling before starting off your cutting job. 

Kickback bar and chain

The next factor is that both models have a 16-inch low kickback bar and chain, however, cs1500 contains an 18-inch low kickback bar and chain. This obviously gives you greater reach when cutting through trees at heights or while standing on top of ladders etc especially if you are tall. 

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Soft grip rear handle

Another factor that makes cs1500 easier to use when compared with cs1400 is the soft grip rear handle which gives you great control over the saw when working at heights or cutting through trees etc. 

This feature is not found in the cs1400 model making it slightly harder to control when in action especially when trimming branches off high-hanging trees since one needs to use both hands on the front handle for better cutting experiences.


The cs1500 is slightly more expensive than the cs1400 model, which reflects its better performance and added features that work in your favor. It also depends on where you are buying the saws from as different stores may have varying prices with most online stores offering discounts or special offers.

Final Verdict

Overall, both models are fantastic when it comes to cutting through trees with great ease whilst making your job much easier than using other chainsaws which run on gas. 

However, if you want extra reach during long hours of tree cutting sessions then organ cs1500 is the way to go for you since it consists of an 18-inch low kickback bar and chain compared with 16 inches found in the cs1400 model.

On top of that, the soft grip rear handle gives you greater control over the saw since you can work on trees at different heights or climb ladders, etc. 

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