Echo CS 370 vs Echo CS 400 | Which One Should You Choose?

Are you in the market for a new chainsaw? If so, you may be wondering which Echo CS 370 vs Echo CS 400 chainsaw to buy.

The Echo CS 370 and Echo CS 400 are two of the best-selling chainsaws on the market. They are both high-quality, powerful chainsaws that can handle most tasks with ease.

Both chainsaws come with a variety of features and capabilities, but which one is the better choice for you? To find out, we’ll compare the features and specs of both chainsaws.

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Comparison Chart

The following comparison chart will highlight the differences between the Echo cs 370 vs echo cs 400 chainsaws, helping you to figure out which one you should choose.

Some people are only interested in power, while others need easy starting or compact design features that suit their style of working. You might also own a model already and want to find out if it would be worth upgrading to another similar Echo chainsaw.


Echo CS 370

Echo CS 400


Engine Size

36.3 cc

40 cc

Filter Type

Felt Filter

Felt Filter

Chain Pitch

⅜ inches

⅜ inches

Chainsaw Type

Hand chainsaw

Hand chainsaw

Power Type



Bar and chain length




15.7 pounds

10.1 pounds


Echo CS 370 Chainsaw

echo cs 370 chainsaw

If you are looking for a powerful chainsaw to help with yard work, there is no better tool for the job than the echo cs 370 16-inch gas-powered chainsaw.

It weighs approximately 10 pounds which makes it lightweight enough to maneuver easily around the yard yet heavy enough that your arms won’t get tired after several hours of cutting wood with it.

The length of this chainsaw is ideal because it allows you to cut larger pieces of wood with ease compared to smaller models weighing less than ten pounds. Although lighter weight saws are easier to start and handle, they usually cannot handle large logs as well and might not cut through them quickly and/or smoothly like their heavier counterparts.

  • Lightweight and easy to use 
  • Has a low kickback
  • Fitted with an inertia chain brake
  • Has single edge bumper
  • Safety is enhanced
  • Heavier
  • Not particularly fuel-efficient


Echo CS 400 Chainsaw

echo cs 400 chainsaw

The CS 400 is a great chainsaw for both occasional and frequent users. This small, light and handy tool is equipped with an 18-inch guide bar (and the safety handguard), which makes it very easy to use.

It can be used anytime without any problems, whether you want to remove some firewood or do some pruning in your garden during this summer.

If you are looking for an efficient gas chainsaw that won’t take too much room on your garage, then the CS 400 should be high on your list because it’s one of the most popular models available these days.

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Good for multiple tasks 
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to handle
  • Great for occasional users
  • Short guide bar
  • Uncomfortable


Similarities between the echo cs 370 and echo cs 400 chainsaws

Engine rotational speed

The two types of chainsaws both depend on an engine rotational speed of 2800rpms with a maximum power output of 3kw at 7000 RPMs per minute. They also both have a fuel tank capacity of 0.67 liters and 40cc engines which help to make these chainsaws extremely mobile. 

One significant difference is that the cs 400 petrol-driven chainsaw comes with an electronic ignition system as opposed to the manual starting systems in the 370 models. Another key thing to note is that there are fewer components in the cs 400’s cylinder/piston assembly which makes it more reliable and improves its overall performance by almost 4%.

Chain brake system

Both models of echo chainsaws come with an inertia-activated chain brake system, which is a safety feature most commonly found on high-powered chainsaws such as these. This helps to prevent the possibility of injury by stopping the chain blade from rotating when necessary. 

The 370 model comes with a tool-less bale handle tensioner mechanism that makes it incredibly easy and fast for you to change the bars on your machine without having to worry about any complicated procedures. However, neither chainsaw has a side-mounted chain tension adjustment option.

Weight and length

They have a similar weight and length. The CS 370 weighs 10 pounds while the CS 400 weighs 9 pounds. The length of each saw is roughly 14 inches long. You can see that height measurements were not included in this comparison.

When it comes to weight, the Echo cs 370 and the Echo cs 400 are both heavy-duty chainsaws with a 40cc engine size. They also both weigh around 15 pounds without a bar and chain installed which means they’re quite big and bulky.


They both have a 3/8 inch pitch.   Note: The “pitch” measurement refers to the number of drive links in the chain per inch, which affects how tight or lose your chain is when cutting wood.

Easy Start

While some people may think of “easy start” as a feature of weed trimmers, it is an important part of having a chainsaw too. And both the Echo cs 370 and the Echo cs 400 have this feature which allows for easy and quick starts with just one or two pulls on the cord without any additional effort.

Engine size (cc)

The Echo cs 370 and cs 400 both come with a 40 cc engine. This is sufficient for light-duty tasks around your home or property. If you’re looking for top power output, then this is not the chainsaw for you.

Starting system

Both of these models are equipped with an easy pull cord design. They also have an automatic oiling system, which is great for convenience. We recommend that you check the oil before every use to ensure that there is enough in both your saw and gas tank. 


The Echo cs 370 and cs 400 share many features in common, including bar oil control, low kickback chain, handguard, throttle lockout, and disassembly indicator. 

Size & Weight 

Generally speaking, both of these models are quite light and easy to handle. The cs 370 weighs 15.7 pounds while the cs 400 weighs 10.1 pounds.

Weight distribution 

The Echo cs 370 and cs 400 have a good weight distribution, making them feel lighter than they actually are.


As you probably already guessed, due to their similarities, the Echo CS 370 and Echo CS400 chainsaws share a similar price range. You can expect to pay around $200 for either model.

Differences between the echo cs 370 and echo cs 400 chainsaws

Engine power

One of the main differences between the echo cs 370 and the echo cs 400 is their engine power. The cs 400 produces more torque, providing a higher cutting force and allowing it to cut through harder materials much faster than its smaller counterpart. 

However, this increase in power comes with a decrease in fuel economy as well as an increase in weight. Due to its improved performance over the 370 many people often choose to use the 400 for serious construction work rather than personal use.


The coating on these two chainsaws is different as well. The cs 370 has a powder-coated finish which helps prevent rusting and corrosion. It also easily wipes clean after use so you don have to worry about cleaning up a mess after use. 

The cs 400 has a similar but slightly more durable finish, with an added layer of rubber to the handle. This provides you with a better grip when in use and also helps protect it from rusting.   

Anti Vibration System (AVS)

The Echo cs 400 comes standard with its AVS system which reduces vibration by 75% over previous models. This means that operating this chainsaw is much easier on your hands and torso making it much more comfortable to use over long periods of time.

Throttle Control

The Echo cs 400 has cruise control which means that you can set your speed and let the chainsaw do all the work for you. This is especially nice when operating a chainsaw for hours on end like when doing tree clearing or trail clearing work.

3-Point Anti Vibration (AVS) Harness

The Echo cs 370 does not come standard with AVS like the cs 400 but is available as an option for those who want it.

Final Verdict

Knowing these differences, ECHO recommends that users who usually cut smaller trees with 16″ bars use the Echo CS 370 because its low power rating makes it more manageable in these situations.

By contrast, users who usually use 18″ bars or are felling large trees would benefit from choosing the CS 400 due to its additional power and ease of cutting even larger trees. 

For lighter jobs like bucking logs into firewood or cutting smaller limbs off standing deadwood, either model should be sufficient.

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