Echo CS 310 vs Husqvarna 240 | Which is Best for You?

This is our comparison of the Echo CS 310 vs Husqvarna 240 Chainsaws.

The Echo CS 310 and the Husqvarna 240 chainsaws are both low-priced consumer-oriented saws. They are two common entry-level saws that have been around for a few years now. They are both excellent chainsaws, but each has a place in different markets. 

These two are pretty similar saws from different manufacturers, both having pros and cons. You’d want to know the difference between them before picking one over another or purchasing either of those for you or as a gift for somebody else. I will compare these 2 chainsaws and let you know which one would be more suitable for you.

Comparison Chart

In the following table, we have briefly highlighted some of the most important specs in a tabular format for quick access. Just by looking at the columns on the right side, you can clearly see all product specifications between Echo CS 310 gas-powered chainsaw and Husqvarna 240. 

We hope that this chart proves useful when deciding between these two products. In this chart, you can easily identify the better product based on specs and features.


Echo CS 310

Husqvarna 240


Engine Size

30.5 cc

38.2 cc

Bar length


14" and 16"

Power Output

2 hp

1.8 hp

Saw Chain Pitch

3/8 "

3/8 "


8.80 lbs

10.3 lbs

Anti-vibration handle




Echo CS 310 ChainsawEcho CS 310 chainsaw

The Echo CS 310 is a pole saw with a 14″ bar and chain capable of cutting up to 18″ above its own length. The engine has a power output of 2.5 HP and comes with a 4-stroke gas-powered, 2-cycle engine designed by Bosch. 

It’s well balanced and weighs about 8.8 pounds. This is the smaller version for residential use developed from the larger professional model CS 330 that runs on 3HP. In Europe, it’s sold as the Efco CS 330 Xtra.

The Echo CS 310 is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed shotgun. It features a side folding stock and has a Picatinny optics rail plus additional accessory rails on the sides and bottom of the foregrip/handguard.

  • Extremely solid feeling gun
  • Ergonomics are fantastic
  • Accuracy is very good
  • Sights are great
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Costly to fix


Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw

The Husqvarna 240 is also a pole saw, with a 14″ bar and chain capable of cutting up to 20″ above its own length. The engine has a power output of 2.6 HP and comes with a 4-stroke gas-powered, 2-cycle engine designed by Kawasaki. It’s well balanced and weighs about 10.3 pounds. 

This is the smaller version for residential use compared to the more powerful professional model Husqvarna 340.

Husqvarna 240 is a great all-around saw for the homeowner who has some land with trees on it but does not need or want to spend more than about $500 for a new chainsaw. It has enough power to handle most situations you come across if you are careful and don’t abuse your saw.

  • Very Low Vibration For Its Class
  • Easy Starting
  • Plenty Of Power
  • Light Weight (11 Pounds)
  • Oil Reservoir Easy To Fill Without Making A Mess
  • Uncomfortable 
  • Lack Of Side Protection On The Engine Casing
  • Lack Of A Kickstand

Similarities Between Echo CS 310 and Husqvarna 240 chainsaws

What you get in the box

Both come with a shoulder strap, spool cap, trimmer head, bump knob, Fuel mixture screwdriver, 2 stroke oil bottle with measuring cup, a tool for changing trimmer heads/lines & safety glasses.

Engine Type

Both have 2 stroke engines with a single cylinder and air cooling (Husky has fan-assisted air cooling). Both engines feature an OVH decompression system for easier starting. Husqvarna implements this through a button on the heel whereas Echo uses a screw that must be fully rotated.

The engines are both cooled by pressurized air but Husqvarna uses 2 rotary valves and echo uses 1 piston-type valve, similar to what you would find in a vehicle’s tire pressure system. The piston-type valve cools down faster than rotary valves after long usage.  Both chainsaws share the same muffler: they have no catalytic converter and use open filters for reduced weight.

Power Boost mechanism 

Both Husqvarna and Echo have a ‘Power Boost’ mechanism that opens the throttle to full power while holding the trigger halfway. This is useful for felling large trees where you need maximum power from start.


Both Husqvarna and Echo feature an inertia-activated chain brake system. The engine stops running when the saw’s head touches anything solid, thus preventing serious injuries from contact with the bar or chainsaw body. 

This works well in most cases but can be tricky when cutting small logs right next to a tree trunk because there is a delay between touching something and the engine stopping owing to the inertia of rotating parts. In these cases, a handguard should be used. 

Both saws have adjustable oil pumps for lube flow regulation: minimum will stop the saw from dripping oil and maximum will supply enough for bar lubrication.

Power to weight ratio

Both Husqvarna 240 and Echo CS 310 have an excellent power to weight ratio with only 8.8 pounds of sawdust mass. That’s about half the weight of some comparable petrol chainsaws! The new model Husqvarna has a redesigned muffler that reduces noise output significantly compared to previous models.

Oil system

Both models use a semi-automatic oil system, where you don’t need to depress a primer bulb or choke control every time you fire them up. Both start with one pull if following directions and do well in most conditions ranging from very cold temps below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 Celsius) to blistering hot temps beyond 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32C). 

Both models have easily adjustable idle screw settings that can be done without tools that help with proper throttle response depending on what you’re cutting.

Echo CS 310 vs Husqvarna 240

Differences Between Echo CS 310 and Husqvarna 240 chainsaws

Power & Performance

The Echo is 30.5cc and the Husqvarna is a 38.5cc engine.  Both have a 2 cycle engine, meaning they mix gas and oil in the gas for a high-powered engine. This also means that if you run out of oil, your trimmer will not be able to run.  Having said this, both are powerful enough to handle almost any job you need to do around the yard/property.

Power mode selector

Husqvarna has a power mode selector switch whereas Echo cs310 has two modes of operation: pass-through mode or constant trigger lock mode similar to Stihl, which keeps the throttle at the desired level without holding the trigger. This feature can be useful when using a saw for extended periods of time and helps to reduce fatigue.

Air injection system

Husqvarna has a very efficient air injection system that prevents fuel from turning into sludge, thus ensuring good engine performance in all conditions. Echo cs310’s engine doesn’t have this feature but it will run on unleaded fuel too without issues.

Air filter

Husky has an easy-to-replace air filter while Echo cs310 features a more complicated design which normally requires the use of some tools to replace the filter inside its housing box. The husky oil pump is located on top of the engine where it is easier to service whereas the echo oil pump is found under the ignition coil and spark plug cover, making it difficult or impossible to reach. 

Echo cs310 has a comfortable rubber grip on the handle while Husqvarna doesn’t have it. Husky has a mechanical trigger safety switch located underneath the rear handle, making it difficult to reach and use, whereas echo cs310 has an easily accessible button for this feature near its trigger handle.

Spare blade

Husky comes with a spare blade in the box which is worth 30-40$ while Echo cs310 doesn’t include any saw accessories other than a toolkit, therefore each additional accessory should be purchased separately at added cost. 

In case of any issues, you may need to ship the whole saw back to the factory if simply replacing a spark plug or similar can’t be done without the proper tools and knowledge required by regular users. The exhaust system on both saws is not far from the user’s legs, therefore both are safe to use in terms of exhaust gas.


Husky has an ergonomic carrying strap that can be attached anywhere on the saw body making it easier to carry with you when moving through dense forests or transporting your chainsaw between working locations. 

Echo cs310 comes with a plastic scabbard for its bar and does not allow blade removal. The Husqvarna packs more power than the Echo CS 310. That’s about all there is to know about these small yet powerful chainsaws. Let us know what you think.

Final Verdict

When comparing these two products side-by-side based on the specs and price, we can easily recommend ECHO  as the better option among these two. This is because it is at a lower price but offers a more powerful engine with a good number of important features. So if you want to save money while getting the most from your product then Echo CS 310 gas-powered chainsaw is for you.

If you want a chainsaw with a longer bar length and do not mind the anti-vibration system, then go for Echo CS 310. On the other hand, if you don’t care so much about this option and find a good deal on the Husqvarna 240 product, consider it as well.

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