Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z : Which Table Saw is Right for You?

This is a comparison review of the two table saws in our possession: a Shop Fox W1837 18″ and a Grizzly G0771Z 20″. Both table saws got a lot of positive and negative feedback. It seems like the good and bad things are roughly balanced out, but it doesn’t seem like people can agree which one is better. 

This article will shed some light on the matter by making the comparison more objective instead of subjective, based on real measurements instead of opinion or hearsay.

Comparison Chart

The following table should help anyone who wants a specific type of table saw but may not know which brand Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z is good or which one will work best for them based on their needs.


Shop Fox W1837

Grizzly G0771Z








Arbor Diameter



Blade Speeds

48-49 d.p.m

40 d.p.m

Max Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees



Miter Gauge



Blade Diameter

10 inches

8 inches

Net Weight


40 lbs

Tilting Arbor



Lockable Riving Knife




Shop Fox W1837 Review

Shop Fox W1837 review

This Shop Fox W1837 is a compact table saw that quickly moves around.

The motor on this table saw is only 2 HP which is smaller than most of the other table saws out on the market right now. It has no wheels, though, so it can not be pushed around like some other ones on the market. The blade on this table saw is only 10 inches smaller than most of the other ones that are out on the market now. This one has a blade guard but not a riving knife.

The fence system on this table saw is made up of aluminum, so it will hold accurate cuts for years to come with no problems. The miter gauge that comes with this table saw uses an 8-inch measurement.

Therefore, it might be something you would want to replace in the future if you do more detailed work. It came preassembled outside of being bolted onto the saw, which was nice because I did not have to go through each part and put them together myself.

Two adjustments can easily be made depending on what kind of cut you are looking to make. One is the tilt, which can be changed by loosening the bolts under the saw table, and everything else can be locked in place. 

The other adjustment is forward, and backward movement of the blade itself, which is done using knobs near your hands while cutting that controls how far back or forth the edge will go to achieve whatever size cut is needed.


  • Extremely cheap price – you can get this for under $500
  • 8-inch blade, which is great for cutting larger workpieces
  • The fence on this table saw is the same as on the bigger SawStop saws
  • It comes with a stand
  • This doesn’t need special wiring to be installed in your garage.


  • It is not easy to adjust the blade height.
  • The machine needs many adjustments before being used for woodworking.


Grizzly G0771Z Review

Grizzly G0771Z review


The Grizzly G0771Z table saw is an excellent option for those looking for a quality under-table saw. The unit offers several key features that many workers desire, including a miter gauge, push stick, and blade guard. 

A new feature on this saw is the dual outlets which allow both 120v and 240v tools to be plugged in at once. It has an outlet built into the cabinet, so it can only be used with 4″ power cords (not 3″ or 2″).

The wheels on this new model are much larger than previous models; they measure 8″ x 2″. It can roll easily across any surface, including carpenter’s floors, concrete patios, etc.

With its 52″ rail span, this product works very well with any custom-made cabinets, rolling cabinets, or carts. 

It’s a bit bulky and may be difficult to maneuver alone for some users, but its weight is almost evenly distributed across the rails, so it can still roll on most surfaces. This unit uses a 3 horsepower motor which provides excellent power output while maintaining energy efficiency.


  • Extremely Accurate
  • Very Powerful Motor
  • Constant Blade Speed
  • Portable
  • Extended Miter Slot Table Saw


  • Pricey 
  • No Pause Button


Similarities Between Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z

Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z are both popular entry-level table saws. They start at different prices but end up with similar features. We look at the fundamental similarities between them.

1. Both Have A Riving Knife & Splitter

The safety of your hands is essential to consider when purchasing a table saw. For this reason, both Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z come equipped with riving knives and splitters for hand protection and excellent quality cutting outputs.

2. Both Have Removable Legs and Wheels

Both models can be easily transported around your shop for switching positions, cleaning, or storage needs. The removable wheels allow you to roll the saw wherever needed in your workshop.

3. Both Have Standard Specifications

Both models use a standard 10-inch table saw blade that is about 10 inches. Their rip fence measures 23 and 3/4 inches long, and their throat plate measures nine by 19 5/8 inches.

4. Similar Motor Specs

Grizzly G0771Z comes with a 1.5HP 4-horsepower induction motor and can be run at 3 phase or single phase. At the same time, Fox W1837 uses a 1 ½ HP 220V / 440V induction motor with thermal overload protection to keep it safe from overloading and overheating.

5. 2 Year Warranty On Both Models

These two models come with a warranty that allows you to replace parts for free within 2 years of purchase. This includes labor costs for free servicing for up to 2 years.

Differences Between Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z 

When you’re looking for a chainsaw, there can be a lot of information to take in and much to consider. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the differences between the Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z chainsaws.

Lift Capacity

The lift capacity of the Grizzly G0771Z table saw is 3.25”, while that of the W1837 table saw is 2.5″.

Table Surface

The table surface on the Grizzly G0771Z is made from Cast Iron, while the W1837 is made from A-2 Steel. Both are ground to a smooth finish.

The W1837 surface has a matte black powder coat finish applied after grinding, which also helps to reduce reflected glare when using optics or lighting near the worksite. 

The Grizzly’s cast-iron tabletop has no such coating applied and thus reflects ambient light more noticeably than the W1837’s steel surface.

Rip Fence Compatibility

The Grizzly G0771Z table saw is compatible with imported split-fence systems made by Unifence, Inc., while the W1837 is not.

This means that some fences included with the Grizzly G0771Z may be incompatible with blade guards on the W1837.

Additionally, some of these split-fence systems available for use on the Grizzly G0771Z are designed to hold a specific type or size of stock very precisely along its width and thickness dimensions. 

This has to be so much so that small variations from one piece of lumber to another can limit their usefulness if they do not fit snugly against all pieces within their capacity range. 

These types of fences also limit the amount of stock to be cut at one time and may require difficult or even impossible adjustments if the workpiece’s dimensions change in any way.

Available Rip Capacity

The rip capacity of the Grizzly G0771Z table saw is 36″, while that of the W1837 is 30″.

Motor Voltage

The motor voltage on both models is 120v AC. The available AC power varies by local line voltage conditions. 

Always select a blade size appropriate for your desired material thicknesses to ensure proper operation, then step down to an adequate AMP load with an appropriately sized wire gauge. Wire sizing information can usually be found on spools or reels of electrical wire.

Miter Gauge

The W1837 comes standard with a high-quality steel miter gauge with two detents to hold the stop at angles of 0° and 45°, while the Grizzly G0771Z table saw uses a plastic miter gauge that is not adjustable.

Table Design

Both models have cast iron tables, but the surface finish on the Grizzly G0771Z is a dark gray due to its black powder coat finishing process, whereas that on the W1837 is matte black from grinding before powder coating. 

The Grizzly’s cast iron top has no such coat applied. Owing to this difference in surface finish, light reflected off it may be more noticeable than the W1837 table.

Work Surface Dimensions

Both models have a 29” X 20-3/8″ work surface, but the Grizzly G0771Z is slightly taller (17″), whereas that of the W1837 is shorter (15″).

Table Top Material Thickness

The top material on each model weighs approximately 28 lbs. The Grizzly’s plate thickness is 3/4″, while that of the W1837 is 1″. 

Because of this difference in materials used for their respective tabletops, outfeed support can be attached to the back edge of one without fear of damaging it compared with the other. Additionally, the heavier cast iron top will likely deflect less than an equally-weighted steel plate.

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Table Top Surface Area

The Grizzly G0771Z tabletop has an approximately 400″ surface area, whereas the W1837 is slightly greater at about 410″. The increased size on the latter may be helpful in the event you ever need to replace it with one larger than its original dimensions.


Considering all that has been said, Shop Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z table saws are both excellent products in which you can place your trust. However, if you are looking for a product that will stay with you for years to come, you should opt for Fox W1837. It is durable and will serve its purpose over a long period. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something affordable that will get the job done right, go with Grizzly G0771Z table saws. They are designed so that beginners can use them without any problem or complication. Hence, all in all, Shop Fox W1837 is the clear winner.

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