Top 5 Best 18 Inch Chainsaws – Top Picks

Today’s product reviews are going to focus on the five best 18-inch chainsaws. Their features will be broken down for you so you can make the right choice if you are looking for this size of the saw.

You’ll find a nice comparison chart that summarizes each of their positive points. After hours of research and study, we have found the following five saws to be the best 18-inch chainsaws that are currently on the market.

Comparison Chart

In order to make your decision on which one would be best for you, it’s important to know what each model has to offer before purchasing.

There are certain features that should be looked at when choosing an 18-inch chainsaw.

Here is a comparison chart of the best 18-inch chainsaws. I have rated each of them in different categories to give you an idea about which one might be right for your needs.


Product Name



Husqvarna 455 Rancher (No #1)

● Gas Powered

● 13.2 lbs
● 55.5 CC Engine

Poulan Pro PR4218

● Gas Powered

● 19.72 lbs

● 42 CC Engine

Echo CS-400

● Gas Powered

● 12 lbs

● 40.2 CC Engine

Greenworks Pro GCS80420

● Battery-powered

● 33 pounds
● 80 V

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw (CS1518)

● Corded-electric

● 12 lbs
● 15 Amp

Tips to buy the Best 18 Inch chainsaws

Purchasing the best 18-inch chainsaw is not an easy task. There are many things to check before you finalize the one that suits your needs and requirements. A lot depends upon your safety, comfort, reducing fatigue, and also helps in saving time. Here are some tips that will help you buy the best 18-inch chainsaws for yourself or others as a gift.

1. Check reviews of other customers

Once you have decided to purchase a particular product, do go through its reviews which are available online on various websites selling this product. You can get information there about its pros and cons which will aid you in making better decisions about the product.

2. Don’t spare any efforts while buying one

If you want something, don’t stop at any point in time during the purchase. Sometimes you get better deals if you go for them with full enthusiasm.

3. Don’t be influenced by others

If many people have given positive reviews about the product, it does not mean that it is good for you too. You may have different needs and requirements in​ comparison to other users, therefore follow your instinct while purchasing a piece of equipment.

4. Go through specifications in detail

While buying a product online, you will come across varied features that are mentioned along with the product. It is not necessary that every feature mentioned is important for you too. Therefore, go through specifications carefully and buy yourself something which has all the features present in it which are supposed to be there.

5. Buy online

Purchasing products like this 18-inch chainsaw is fairly easy if you buy them online. There are many benefits of purchasing it over the internet, one being that you get authentic products only. Moreover, once you have decided to purchase a certain product online, all formalities can be completed in just a few minutes.

6. Compare prices before buying

You must shop around for the best possible price that suits your pocket too. You may even get some exciting deals if you bargain well with sellers over the phone or through emails. Sometimes discounts and offers are also available which will help you get it at your desired budget only. 

7. Get warranties.

Most 18-inch chainsaws come with warranties in them, so you can avail them too. These are basically for the products which have been purchased online only.

Make sure that it covers all parts including defective ones so if something happens to it after purchasing, you can get it fixed without having to pay extra money out of your pocket. This way, there is no need to worry about manufacturing problems or defects because, with proper warranty coverage, repairs will be free.

8. Accessories should be present inside

Packages of 18-inch chainsaws do not contain any accessories; they are sold separately. You need to buy chain oil or chain bar oil etc. with it because these are the most essential things that you will require. Other accessories like starting wrench are also present in many products, but if something is missing then don’t hesitate to ask sellers about them before buying this item online or offline. 

9. Choose a seller based on reputation

The reputation of sellers matters a lot while purchasing items over the internet. There are various sites that tell about sellers along with their ratings and reviews from previous customers who have purchased items from them. This way you will come to know about the authenticity of a seller and can make an informed choice before buying it online.

10. Size

Size is another important factor when buying a good 18 Inch Chainsaw. It is not recommended to purchase a small-sized machine as it cannot perform various tasks easily whereas purchasing a big size machine increases the portability issue. Choose an ideal size that matches your needs and is easy to handle.

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11. Power

The power of a saw can be determined by the number of revolutions it produces per minute (RPM). Generally, the higher the RPM, the more powerful will be the machine. The minimum power required for an 18-inch chain saw is a 50cc engine. If you need a good chain saw for commercial purposes, then look for one with an engine capacity greater than 100cc.

12. Engine size for your needs 

As you look into 18-inch chainsaws, you will notice that their engines range from 12 to 20 inches and this means one thing – bigger chainsaws are more powerful than smaller ones. You should choose an engine size according to how big or small your garden is as well as what kind of cutting jobs you will be doing so it won’t wear out too quickly. 

If you want a better idea about which engine size is best for its use, read reviews on previous customers who have tried these kinds of saws before. You can also check with dealers selling them or ask friends or family members working in landscaping companies that they recommend certain brands or types because they deal with larger pieces of wood.

13. Decide on the budget

This means that you should put a number on how much you will be spending for your 18-inch chainsaw. You must know what kind of saws are within your price range, but also do not forget to look at reviews as well as prices from other sellers as well as online stores, so you can get the most value out of your money. 

Keep in mind also that since this will be used for gardening or landscaping purposes, make sure it has sufficient power and engine size to cut through any branch with ease without damaging it or wearing off quickly.

5 Best 18-Inch Chainsaws Reviews

1. Husqvarna 455 Rancher 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw (Our #1 Pick)

best 18 inch husqvarna chainsaw

This gas-powered chainsaw has the engine power that needs to execute medium- too thick wooden cutting operations.

As a result, it is an excellent power tool for homeowners and landowners. This chainsaw is powered by the brand’s own 55.5 cc X-Torq 2-stroke air-cooled engine, which works on a 1:50 combination of 2-stroke oil and gas.

This engine has a whopping 3.49 horsepower, which is more than adequate for heavy-duty wood cutting jobs. This engine also boasts minimal fuel consumption and pollutants.

With a high engine speed of 9000 RPM, its cutting edge will tear through hardwoods with ease, establishing this model as a professional-level gas-powered chainsaw.

This chainsaw also includes a side-mounted chain tensioner that is simple to access and operate. When you purchase this product, you won’t have to worry about manually oiling the chain since the automated chain oiler will do it for you.

Starting the tool is simple; a couple of pulls of the recoil start to get the machine up and running.

This machine has a LowVib vibration dampening technology on the handles, which reduces hand fatigue even after extended use. The handguard on the chain protects your hand as well. In order to avoid chain kickbacks, this chain has an inertia-operated chain brake.


  • It has a strong engine.
  • Low fuel usage and pollution levels.
  • A machine that is CARB-compliant.
  • It’s quite simple to get started.
  • A fantastic air filter
  • Durable construction


  • Heavier in comparison.
  • A little too loud.


2. Poulan Pro PR4218 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

best 18 inch gas chainsaw

This is a medium-duty gas-powered chainsaw designed for homeowners that need to chop down a tree or cut timber.

This machine’s chain is powered by a 42cc, 2-stroke OxyPower engine. This engine has low fuel consumption and emissions.

And, to extend the life of your engine, this machine has the SuperClean air filtration system, which eliminates dirt from the air that passes to cool the engine and also aids in fuel combustion.

When you combine the amazing engine power of this chainsaw with its 18-inch guide bar and chain, you will get a very remarkable and rapid performance.

You don’t have to bother about oiling the chain with this machine since it has an automated chain lubrication system. This technology detects the engine speed and the chainsaw’s current gear and then lubricates the chain accordingly.

A recoil start that allows you to start the engine with only a few pulls. Besides, when you pull the recoil start, you hardly consume any energy!

This machine, like the other chainsaw, features a handguard. It also has an ergonomic handle design with anti-vibration comfort that dampens the engine and chain vibrations during wood-cutting activities.

As a consequence, you may operate for extended periods of time without feeling hand tiredness.

When it comes to tightening the chain, you’ll need to utilize the scrench that comes with this machine. This chain tensioning tool has its own compartment that can be opened without the need for a tool.


  • This tool is completely constructed.
  • Anti-vibration handles are included.
  • Recoil starter that is simple to use
  • It includes a carrying case, an additional chain, 2-stroke oil, a scrench and bar, and chain oil.


  • Sometimes it’s difficult to get started.
  • Without the scrench, it’s impossible to modify the chain’s tension.


3. Echo CS-400 18 Inch Chainsaw

best 18 inch chainsaw

This is a chainsaw with a gas engine that sacrifices weight for power. This allows it to be lightweight and portable while yet having a powerful engine. It weighs just 10.1 pounds. With a 40.2 cc engine, it produces around 1.23 HP.

It has an 18-inch guide bar and chain, which is long enough to perform most yard chores. This chainsaw has two handles: a wraparound front handle and a rear handle.

It also has a front handguard to protect your hand from debris while you’re busy cutting wood into the appropriate sizes.

Another fantastic feature of this chainsaw is the automated oiling system, which maintains the bar and chain in perfect condition for maximum performance. You are not required to lubricate the chain. Your only remaining duty is to replace the oil reservoir.

To start the engine, just pull the recoil cord twice or three times. The chain has an excellent safety feature in the form of an inertia-activated chain brake.


  • Lightweight
  • A strong engine
  • Simple to learn and well-balanced
  • Emissions from the exhaust are minimal.


  • The warranty is ineffective.
  • When running at full speed, it is rather loud.

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4. Greenworks PRO 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

best 18 inch cordless chainsaw

The two main materials used in the construction of this machine are high-quality hard plastic and metal. As a result, it’s a tough battery-powered chainsaw.

This chainsaw has an 80V rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with a 2Ah charging capacity. As a result, this battery can operate the chainsaw’s digitally regulated brushless motor for an extended period of time.

You can make 150 cuts on a full battery, which is rather astounding. This chainsaw has the adequate cutting edge for any of your light-duty to medium-duty wood cutting tasks, thanks to its 18-inch guide bar and chain that extracts amazing power from the engine.

As a result, landscapers and contractors will benefit greatly from this equipment. You don’t require a cabled power supply with the charge capacity of the battery packs.

It is quite easy to start your tool; just push the on/off button and your machines will be ready to eat some wood resources. This chainsaw has a front wraparound metal handle for a secure and comfortable hold on your power tool.

This handle features a front handguard next to it to protect your hand when you’re cutting wood.

Because this model has an automated oiling mechanism, oiling the chain is a breeze. As a consequence, the chain runs smoothly. This chainsaw also has sprung steel spikes for added stability while cutting wood.

This chainsaw includes an electronic chain brake that stops the chain in the event of a significant kickback.


  • It just takes 30 minutes to completely charge the battery.
  • The motor is strong and long-lasting.
  • The battery will last until you have made 150 cuts.
  • It’s quite simple to get started.
  • Other accessories are included.


  • It has a restricted running time.
  • While the tool is in storage, oil may leak.


5. Electric chainsaw by black+decker (cs1518)

best 18 inch electric chainsaw

If you’re wary of frequently replenishing your chainsaw’s gas tank, it may be time to upgrade to an electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaws must be plugged into a power socket, making them corded chainsaws.

The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 allows you to do light to medium duty wood cutting tasks around your house with ease. Simply plug it in, push the lock-off button, and then squeeze the trigger.

When you accomplish this, the chain begins to roll, severing all of the wood materials in its path. This chainsaw has an 18-inch Oregon low kickback bar and chain that will provide you with ample cutting edge for all of your wood cutting needs. This chain’s motor is sufficiently strong and uses just 15 amps of electrical current.

The encircling front grip and the rear handle are both included with this chainsaw. It also has a front handguard that doubles as a chain brake.

Adjusting the chain tension is straightforward and requires no tools. This chainsaw has a bar adjust locking knob that will assist you in determining the proper chain tension for best performance.

This chainsaw also has an automated chain oiling system that maintains the bar and chain greased for optimal performance. The oil level may be seen via an oil reservoir window. As a result, you will top-up oil as needed.


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight
  • It makes less noise.
  • There is a window in the oil reservoir.
  • The chain is equipped with a front handguard and a chain brake.


  • Construction of poor quality
  • When compared to a gas chainsaw, it has less power.
  • The chain bar is not properly aligned with the sprocket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be able to cut down trees with the 18” chainsaw?

The answer depends on what type of tree you are trying to cut.

How many 18-inch chainsaws does it take to cut down a tree? 

I don’t know. I’ve never tried cutting down a tree with an 18-inch chainsaw, so I can’t answer that question.

Can I use an 18-inch chainsaw to prune any size tree? 

Yes, but the number of branches you have to prune will vary depending on the situation.

What can I do with a chain saw? 

The main benefit to having an 18-inch chain saw is cutting woody material for firewood or trees that have fallen across paths or property lines.

Can you cut down a tree using just one 18-inch chainsaw? 

I don’t know. It depends on the size of the chainsaw and the size of the tree. 

How much does an 18-inch chainsaw cost? 

They range from about $100 to around $400, or more depending on several factors such as bar length, engine power, etc. Check price guides for this model to get a good idea of what they normally sell for. 

Are 18-inch chainsaws any good? 

Some think so, others do not. Some people prefer larger models while others prefer small ones that are easier to handle. You just have to find one that you like that fits your budget.


The one feature most people overlook when shopping for a new chainsaw is its safety features. If you plan on using it often then this is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A lot of saws come with anti-kickback technology these days and this is something any user should look for in their new 18” chainsaw. 

It’s also important to consider what kind of fuel it takes as well as how much they weigh and if they produce a loud amount of noise or not. You should always keep in mind what type of wood or material you plan on cutting to ensure you don’t overbuy.

If you cannot find the model that is best for your needs, consult a professional who can help you choose which one is best for the job.

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