Stihl 009 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Parts

The market has many choices with regard to chainsaw brands, but very few can match the reliability and performance of Stihl models.

Stihl is a household brand known for the quality of the performance of its chainsaws, as well as the innovative technologies they have put into that product which make it simpler to use and maintain.

Since its debut in the market, Stihl has had a broad product line that varies in terms of year of production, specifications, power, and features.

Among the first models is the Stihl 009 chainsaw, which dates back to 2008. If you’re interested in this cutting-edge product, read on.

Stihl 009 Chainsaw

Stihl 009 Chainsaw review

It is a conveniently small chainsaw in size, ideal for users who are not used to operating chainsaws. Its small size does not compromise power production.

This petrol chainsaw can be used with huge trees as well as logs when you are out camping, doing a great job with its impressive cutting ability.

Thanks to its superb performance and lightweight design, it is an ideal chainsaw for backyard and camping use. Its two-stroke engine design enhances the efficient performance of this model.

On top of that, this Stihl chainsaw comes with an all-position diaphragm carburetor that features an integral fuel pump.

This feature serves to extend the duty cycle of the engine. Doing so, this chainsaw weighs only 19lbs, giving it a balanced weight for increased operator comfort.

It is not the same as the task but greatly enhances the user’s experience and makes content distortion last longer. It is a unique chain lubrication technique that enables it to perform continuously for long periods of time.


  • Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry around.
  • This chainsaw has an intuitive design reducing operator weariness.
  • The two-stroke engine design ensures efficient performance 
  • The large fuel tank capacity reduces refueling interruptions 
  • It features a large area felt mat air filter for a reliable functioning capability
  • The carburetor design works to extend the duty cycle of the engine 


  • Production has been discontinued. 

Stihl 009 Specs

This chainsaw uses gas as its source of power. It is a great portable chainsaw, yet very powerful for its size. It has a two-stroke engine design with a 14-inch minimum bar length.

The fuel tank volume of this model is 1.24l with a chain pitch of 0.404 inches. Moreover, the Stihl 009 weighs only 9lbs; you can virtually carry it anywhere for enhanced portability and easy maneuverability during operation. 

Besides that, this model delivers an engine displacement of 40.8cc and a power output of 1.5kW.  Overall, the Stihl 009 is a balanced device that is well suited for on-the-go users. Also, it offers an enhanced user experience and features for enhanced ease of use and comfort.

Stihl 009 Features 

Stihl 009 comes with a wide range of features that make it stand out among its competitors. 

Air filter 

Stihl 009 ‘s individual air filter provides this cleaner with an all-day function. It’s consistently proportionate to the scope of the task at hand.

Two-stroke engine 

Stihl 009 has a unique two-stroke engine design. This design is very handy as it ensures the efficient performance of the chainsaw. 

All-position diaphragm carburetor 

This feature is accompanied by a fuel pump. They work to extend the active operating cycle of the engine. In turn, the engine lasts longer and operates well.

Hand protector 

Stihl always has your safety in mind. This can be seen in the 009 models, thanks to the hand protector feature. This feature is handy in case the chain breaks while in using such that it ricochets back from below, hurting you even with safety gloves on. With the metallic hand protector, such risks are unlikely to occur.

Stihl 009 Benefits

Stihl 009 offers many benefits to the operator:

  • For one, the fuel tank capacity of this model is 0.29l which allows you to perform all your cutting tasks without interruption or having to refuel after a short time. 
  • For additional functionality, this chainsaw includes a chain lubricating pilot that makes it possible to work well for a long time
  • Besides that, it weighs only 9lbs for good balance as well as eliminating operator fatigue. 
  • The Stihl 009 is a nice one-handed saw with which you can hold the tree with your left hand and saw limbs with your right. 
  • It is also quite handy around the mill when lopping off slabs and end trimming. However, it is not the best for the production of firewood. 

Stihl 009 Price and Parts 

Since the production of the Stihl 009 has been discontinued, you will have to buy the product second-hand. Therefore, the prices may vary depending on the working condition of the product, how much you want it, and whether the previous owner thinks it is useful. Since its production, Stihl 009 has had a vast price range. Thankfully, its parts are still available in online stores and local dealer shops. These parts include bars, chains, carburetor, air filter, chain adjuster tensioner, and spark plugs. 

Stihl 009 Alternatives

You can use several alternatives if you do not manage to find yourself the Stihl 009 model. These are the easily accessible products that are still in production whose functionality is slightly similar to the 009. Below are some of these products. 

1. Stihl MS 250 Gas Chainsaw

This model comes with an 18-inch bar and 45.4cc engine making it an all-around chainsaw for taking down small to medium trees.

It is conveniently lightweight enough for most users while being heavy-duty enough for professional use as well. The longer bar and engine give it sufficient power and impressive cutting ability that may be daunting to an amateur arborist. 

Moreover, this model is equipped with Stihl’s vibration dampening technology that provides a comfortable working experience for the operator.

It is also packed with user-friendly features for DIY enthusiasts and home landscapers, such as a tool-free chain tightener, easy-access chain tensioner, and automatic chain lubrication. 

2. Husqvarna 460 Rancher

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is an all-around saw featuring a 60cc engine. It utilizes petrol for running with a bar length of 20 inches. This model is equipped with a centrifugal air system that prevents dirt and other debris from reaching the air filter. 

On top of that, this chainsaw features a combined choke and stop control for enhanced efficiency and functionality. These key features work to significantly reduce the likelihood of flooding the engine as well as make machine start-up an easy task. 

3. Stihl Farm Boss MS 271

As with ranches and other large properties, farms, and trees, however, chainsaws take over regular use and can cut through bigger woods. The Stihl Farm Boss MS 271 is well suited for this task. It is equipped with a 50.2 cc engine and a bar of 18 inches. 

Even though it is best suited for use by professionals cutting larger branches and felling trees, this model is packed with features for ease of use. These features include an anti-vibration mechanism for comfort and a large front handle that is rubberized and ergonomically angled for enhanced safety and comfort during operation.

In addition, this equipment is conveniently easy to clean with a side-access chain tensioner for quick and easy access and a bar wrench and an air filter cover that the worker can remove without tools. Also, the MS 271comes with a high-efficiency engine, giving about 20% longer runtimes between refueling. 


What is the minimum compression for my Stihl chainsaw? 

In general, the minimum compression is 110lbs. However, this value may vary depending on the model. Therefore, compression readings alone do not suffice whenever you need to determine the engine’s condition. Also, compression gauges are not always accurate, and different engines tend to provide different results. 

Can I adjust my own carburetor?

Often, the carburetor comes directly from the factory with its own factory-installed default settings. These default settings provide you with an optimum fuel-air mixture suitable to most operating conditions.

Most carburetors can modify the idling speed of your engine only within narrow limits.  Often, however, adjusting the carburetor will not solve accelerating issues. Ensure that you refer to the instruction manual for the correct machine setting or visit the website. 

My chainsaw starts and idles but will not run or stall when in full throttle. What could be the issue? 

In case of an error, you can take a look at several places. Firstly, ensure that you utilize a fresh fuel mix (fresh means the mix is not stored or is older than 60 days in the can or fuel tank). Another step you can take is to clean the spark arrester screen in the muffler.

Alternatively, replace the fuel filter in the fuel tank. And lastly, try cleaning or replacing the air filter. If none of the above works, you can take your machine to the nearest local authorized Stihl servicing dealer for evaluation. 


No two chainsaws are ever cut from the same cloth. They are suited differently for different applications. The Stihl 009 is a perfect fit for you if you’d like it.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information you needed to make a wise choice. Stihl 009 is indeed a great choice as well as an excellent addition to your toolset. 

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