Craftsman S165 16 In 42cc Gas Chainsaw Review: Specs

The chainsaw market is flooded with a wide range of models, and looking for an ideal one could be a daunting task for professionals and newbies alike.

There are numerous brands, all promising high quality, and high performance. This model provides an all-around superior performance.

Moreover, it is easy to handle, conveniently lightweight, and provides steady power for a wide range of tasks. 

If you want to know more about this chainsaw, you might want to continue reading to the end. This post also highlights its features and specifications to give you a better understanding.

Craftsman chainsaws: Are they any good?

The craftsman brand has been in the industry for almost a century. Its rich history gives it an advantage over the recent mushrooming brands.

Therefore, they are experts in chainsaw manufacture, and they come at a reasonable price. Most of their chainsaws fall under the low or mid-range categories.

Craftsman targets homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, so their products are tailored for the same. Some of their products can also do well in a professional environment, so they are not limited.

Among their best products is the Craftsman S165 model. It is an excellent gas-powered chainsaw if you are looking for something affordable but does not compromise safety. It is also well suited for a wide range of tasks. 

Craftsman S165 16 In 42cc Gas Chainsaw Review

Craftsman S165 review

It is clear from the barrage of positive online reviews that the craftsman S165 chainsaw review model exceeds expectations. Coming from a renowned brand, this model guarantees quality and high performance.

For starters, it comes with a high output craftsman engine and supports the 16-inch bar and chain. It is gas-powered with a 42cc full crank two-cycle engine ideal for a wide range of tasks. 

Additionally, you can count on it to provide greater power with less vibration. This makes operation more convenient and user-friendly. On top of that, the 16-inch bar and chain have a low kickback tendency for the operator’s safety. You can easily cut through the toughest of wood quickly. 

Besides that, this chainsaw features a durable poly chassis for long service use even with prolonged rigorous use. It has a robust build yet is conveniently lightweight, so you can easily move it around wherever you need it.

The polymer chassis is well designed for reliable performance as well with minimal user fatigue. This chainsaw is easy to use without compromising power, so you have nothing to worry about. It is the go-to chainsaw for an enhanced user experience. 

Furthermore, the Craftsman S165 model employs the latest technology to enhance ease of use. It incorporates an easy start technology that is designed for quicker, easier, and smoother pull starts.

This feature also contributes to its durability as the machine does not easily wear. You can now get to your yard work, wood slicing, lawn care, and other outdoor projects in no time. 

Also, this chainsaw boasts of a balanced ergonomic design featuring a comfortable handle and a 3-point anti-vibration system that adds to its convenience and unparalleled comfort. These features give it an overall balance and easy maneuverability during operation.

With this chainsaw, you get to enjoy supreme comfort and control for optimal performance. The adjustable auto chain oiler is another outstanding feature of this chainsaw. 

It comes in handy to allow the operator to maintain a proper amount of lubricant on the chain so they can manually adjust the oil flow keeping in mind that proper and adequate lubrication of the chain is vital. And it comes with an easy view to boot! You are also guaranteed safety when operating this machine as it comes with several safety features. 

Craftsman S165 Chainsaw Features

The craftsman S165 gas-powered chainsaw is feature-packed to get the job done:

Inertia Activated Chain Brake

One of its most important features is the high output engine that delivers steady power. The inertia activated chain brake is a safety feature that automatically stops the chain, thus avoiding accidents. 

Bucking Spikes

You also get to enjoy greater control thanks to the bucking spikes that provide leverage, ensuring an easier and more controlled sawing experience. Maintenance of this chainsaw is a breeze given the adjustable automatic oiler, which keeps the chain and bar in tip-top shape. 

16-Inch Bar

Experience any kickback for enhanced safety with this chainsaw thanks to the 16-Inch Bar. It is designed to cut through the toughest of woods smoothly. 

Tool-Less Air Filter

The tool-less air filter allows for easy access and a spark plug that enhances the design of the chainsaw. 

Cushioned Full-Wrap Handle

Supreme comfort is guaranteed with the cushioned full-wrap handle. It also employs an easy start technology for ease of use.

Side-Mounted Tensioning System

It is fitted with a robust side-mounted tensioning system that saves time as well as ensures that the chain tension remains consistent by allowing quick chain adjustments during operation. 

This chainsaw comes in a heavy-duty case for secure and easy storage. It is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. 

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Craftsman S165 Chainsaw Specifications

Craftsman S165 Chainsaw Review

The Craftsman S165 is an affordable chainsaw for enthusiasts. It features a 42cc 2-cycle engine for high output. Also, this chainsaw comes with a low-kickback chain with a 3/8-inch pitch and .050-inch gauge. It accommodates the 16-inch bar with a maximum cutting diameter of 14 inches. 

Its cutting performance is satisfactory. However, it could be better with more torque. One of its downsides is that it does not cut as fast as some expensive models but is still ideal for light-duty tasks. The fuel capacity is 9 oz, and the oil reservoir capacity is 6.5 oz. 

This craftsman chainsaw weighs 11.75lbs without the chain and fuel oil. It is easy to move around during operation, and this lightweight design also combats user fatigue. Moreover, it has a fuel oil ratio of 40:1. This product is priced at $179.00.

Displacement 42cc
Engine Types2 Cycles
Fuel tank capacity9 oz (270 mL) 
Weight11.75 lbs
Bar Lengths16 Inch
Warranty2 Year Warranty


  • It comes with an automatic chain oiler 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • It has reduced vibration 
  • This chainsaw is easy to start 
  • It features a convenient side-mounted tensioning system
  • This saw is lightweight and durable 
  • It is budget-friendly 


  • The chain tensioner is mediocre and needs to be adjusted more often 
  • Cutting performance is not as fast as the more expensive chainsaws. 


Craftsman S165 chainsaw has a lot to offer but if there is something missing that you want from a chainsaw, here are some of the alternatives you can consider. 

1. Stihl MS500i

stihl ms500i chainsaw review

This model is among the recent by Stihl, described as the first chainsaw with an electronically controlled fuel injection. Its power to weight ratio is simply off the books. 

This chainsaw weighs 6.2kg with an injection technology that provides incredible torque and ensures rapid acceleration. With its lightweight design, it prides itself in power to weight ratio of 1.24 kg per kW which has never been achieved before. 

This chainsaw is well suited for felling large stands as well as tree harvesting. Other additional design modifications include low vibration and reduction of gyroscopic forces. It features an 80cc 2-mix engine with no carburetor. 

2. Echo 4510ES

Echo 4510ES chainsaw review

The introduction of the Echo 4510ES models took the rear handle chainsaws to a whole new level. It comes with a 45cc stratified engine with incredible power to weight ratio, making it powerful yet conveniently lightweight compared to other models. 

It delivers an output of 2.3kW and has a dry weight of 5kg. The features are up to the Echo standards. You can count on this machine to increase productivity as well as reduce downtime maintenance. Additional features include a new air filter design, translucent fuel tank, drop-out prevention nuts, and an ES easy start system. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a chain brake? 

The chain brake is a safety mechanism that is incorporated in chainsaws and is designed to stop the chain from rotating around the bar.

The brake is designed to be engaged by hand and thus pushes the chain brake handle forward or via inertia when the saw kicks back—setting the chain brake if the engine is running means that the chain will not rotate. To disengage this brake, pull back the chain brake handle to release the chain. 

What are the storage recommendations? 

The unit should not be stored for a prolonged amount of time (more than 30 days) without performing protective storage maintenance. This includes storing the unit in a dry and dust-free place that is not accessible to children. Ensure that the stop switch is in position and remove the chain and guide bar.

Moreover, the fuel tank should be drained completely. This can be done by pressing the purge bulb up to 7 times to remove the remaining fuel and run the engine until it stops due to lack of fuel. Any accumulation of debris, dirt, oil, and grease should be removed as well from the exterior of the unit.  

What do you consider when looking for a chainsaw? 

It all comes down to three main factors; your previous experience with chainsaws, the features you value, how frequently you plan to use the saw, and the type of wood you cut. Many professionals already know what they are looking for from their previous experiences.

However, if you’re new to the field, the best type of engine, weight, power source, and other features, and the type of trees you intend to cut.

Final Thought

The Craftsman S165 chainsaw is worth considering. It comes at a budget-friendly price with all the features you need to accomplish outdoor tasks.

This chainsaw is designed with advanced power to cut through large trees and even manage storm damage. With its robust full-crank 2-cycle engine, you can count on its great power and longer equipment life with less vibration. 

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