How to Start a Makita Chainsaw – It’s Easy, You’ll Love It!

Chainsaws are very powerful and effective tools but can be very dangerous if we do not know how to use them.

They require certain skills for operation, as well as safety precautions, are given their power cutting performance that could be detrimental if not used effectively. The Makita chainsaw is no exception

For any first-time user or one that may have just recently bought the Makita chainsaw, it is vital that you know how to operate it, including how to start and stop the equipment.

Many types of equipment follow a standard operating procedure that should be followed to the letter, and this article outlines the recommended method of start a Makita chainsaw

6 Tips for Starting Your First Makita Chainsaw

Makita chainsaws are some of the most popular and reliable saws on the market. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, learning how to start a Makita chainsaw is essential. Here are six tips on how to get started:

1. Read the owner’s manual thoroughly before starting your chainsaw. This will help familiarize yourself with all of the features and controls.

2. Make sure your chain is properly lubricated before starting the engine.

3. Keep your hands and arms well clear of the chain while it’s running-it can generate enough heat to cause burns!

4. Always wear eye protection when using a chainsaw-even if you’re only cutting small pieces of wood.

5. Remember to stop the engine immediately if something goes wrong-a chainsaw can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly!

6. Be aware of your surroundings-stay in control, don’t let the chainsaw do all the work.

Safety precautions when starting a Makita chainsaw.

this article outlines the recommended method of start a Makita chainsaw.

Safety should always be your top priority when handling any chainsaw.

That is why we shall start with the necessary safety precautions that you need to adhere to for everyone’s safety. Below are some of the mandatory safety precautions you need to consider. 

Avoid any contact of the saw bar nose with other objects. 

1. Take caution with the guide bar’s tip contact, which causes the bar to suddenly move backward and upward. This is a potential cause for serious injury to users.

2. The Makita is designed for two-handed use; therefore, ensure you operate it with both hands.

Running the equipment one-handedly is likely to cause serious injury to the user, bystanders, and other helpers. 

3. During operation, ensure that a fire extinguisher is within reach for any fire-related hazards. 

4. During operation, ensure that you hold both handles firmly with both hands. Maintain the handles clean, dry, and free from fuel mixture or oil.

5. Operation of the chainsaw will require energy and watchfulness. Avoid operating it while absent-minded or fatigued.

6. It is essential to wear protective clothing when operating the chainsaw. These include earmuffs, full sleeves shirts, boots, sunglasses, and hand gloves.

These go a long way in protecting your skin from injury from chippings or other unexpected incidents.

You can refer to the BNQ and CSA protective clothing standards for supreme protection.

8. Fuel is one of the most flammable substances. With this in mind, the fueling and refueling process should be done approximately 10 feet away from the operation point.

8. During operation, maintain a stable and proper footing on solid, secured, and fixed ground to prevent an accident by slipping.

Moreover, ensure that there are no animals or children around during the operation.

10. Maintain a standing position, keeping your body away from the chainsaw during operation.

Do not operate a saw with improper or damaged adjustment as it could cause a fatal accident. Always ensure the saw is correctly assembled before use.

How to Start a Makita Chainsaw–It’s Easy, You’ll Love It!

this article outlines the recommended method of start a Makita chainsaw.

Before starting the chainsaw, ensure that you have thoroughly checked it and perfectly assembled it. Look for a secure footing, and place the saw on the ground with the chain and guide bar far from virtually anything. 

After that, block the chain brake, and while holding the front handle firmly, press the saw against the ground. The rear handguard should be held down using the right foot. It is important to note that Makita chainsaws have a Featherlight starting system that guarantees an effortless start-up. You only need to follow the procedure correctly. 

Cold starting the chainsaw

During cold conditions, the fuel pump needs to be primed. This involves pressing the pump severally until you can see the fuel in the pump. The combination switch should be pushed upwards to a position referred to as the choke position. This blocks the half-throttle lock. 

With that, you are now ready to give it a final push. This is done by evenly and smoothly pulling the starter handle. The starter cable should not be pulled more than 50cm out as it could tear the cable. Letting it back should be done slowly by hand as well. 

Afterward, repeat the start procedure twice, moving the combination switch to the ON position. The starter handle is then pulled smoothly and evenly again. Once the engine is running, grasp the rear handle and press the throttle trigger.

After starting the equipment, keep the engine in an idle position to prevent damage to the clutch. Finally, disengage the chain brake for smooth running. 

Warm starting the chainsaw

The warm starting the Makita chainsaw is almost similar to the cold starting procedure. The only difference is that you move the combination switch to the choke position before starting and immediately back to the ON position.

This process engages the half-throttle lock. The engine is expected to start after two to three pulls. If not, repeat the entire cold starting process. 

If the engine is stopped for a short while, you can easily restart the saw without the combination switch. However, if it stopped due to running out of fuel in the pump, priming the pump will be necessary enough times to see fuel in the pump. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you start a flooded chainsaw? 

A flooded chainsaw may not be the easiest to start. However, it can be achieved by turning the switch to the ON position and holding the saw firmly to the ground, starting the normal starting process.

Pull the starter rope sharply until it starts. Ensure that you don’t pull the rope to its full length; short and brisk pulls are recommended. 

Should you start a chainsaw with a chain brake on?

During starting, you should activate the chain brake. Some chainsaw models can be started on the ‘half-throttle position.’ In this position, it is possible for the chain to rotate if the brake is not activated. 

How do you start a chainsaw that won’t start?

To troubleshoot this problem, open the spark plug hole to drain all the fuel from the tank. Push in the control and then pull the starter cord up to 8 times while pressing in the throttle control to deactivate the choke. Dry out the spark plug and return it to its place. 

Why does my chainsaw pull so hard?

There are several reasons why the chainsaw is hard to pull. It could be that the pully system is stuck or snagged, the housing is damaged, or the starter assembly is sticky or stuck. 

Why is my chainsaw pulling to the right?

If you notice your chainsaw pulling to one side while you cut, the issue lies within the chain. Check the sizes of the top plates that sit on the longer sections of each tooth on the chain.

These plates should be of the same size. If you find out that some are shorter, file down the longer ones to match.

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