7 Best Chinese Clone Chainsaw In 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

The Chinese Clone Chainsaw is a chainsaw made by the Chinese Company: Jinan Hongda Chain Manufacturing Company. They manufacture engines and other parts for some of the world’s biggest chainsaw manufacturers such as Stihl and Husqvarna. 

A clone is basically any knockoff of another product and in this case, we’re talking about replica rip-offs of Chinese-made handheld electric chainsaws used for cutting down trees and other vegetation – think weed whackers but with much bigger blades. 

In general, these are made from cheaper materials than the models they try to emulate which leads to far worse performance, battery life, and even safety issues – however, there are some exceptions so always check before you buy.

Top-Rated Chinese Clone Chainsaw Comparison


Product Name



Huyosen  Gas Chainsaw 

● Gas Powered

● 18 Inch Blade

● 54 CC Engine

Ridgeyard Petrol Chainsaw

● Gas Powered

● 22 Inch Blade

● 60 CC Engine

Xtremepowerus Chainsaw

● Gas Powered

● 22 Inch Blade
● 45 CC Engine

Wemars Garden Chainsaw

● Gas Powered

● 19 Inch Blade
● 62 CC Engine

KGK Gasoline Chainsaw

● Gas Powered

● 20 Inch Blade
● 58 CC Engine

Farmertec Holzfforma Chainsaw

● Gas Powered

● 25 Inch Blade
● 92 CC Engine

Coocheer 20-Inch Chainsaw

● Gas Powered

● 20 Inch Blade
● 62 CC Engine

Top 7 Best Chinese Chainsaws

Let’s not waste any more time and get to the section you’ve been waiting for. Browse with confidence, since each product has been hand-picked and is guaranteed to be the finest Chinese chainsaw.

1. Huyosen Handheld Gas Chainsaw (Our #1 Pick)

Huyosen Cordless Handheld Gas Chainsaw

Contrary to common assumption, Chinese chainsaws are not invariably weak. We feel that this Huyosen unit wonderfully illustrates how strong a low-cost model can be when compared to high-end models.

The 1.9 kW motor works in tandem with a 54.6cc 2-cycle engine to provide high speeds of up to 8500 rpm (round per minute).

Furthermore, for optimum contact area, the blade features more serrated edges than traditional saws. Because of the 18-inch guide bar and chain, larger trees have no chance against this chainsaw.

The installation of an electrical ignition mechanism makes cranking the unit a breeze. The saw maintains its motion with the simple press of a button.

This little detail is important for lumbering since it prevents your sword from losing speed when chopping through trees.

Larger greens take much longer to fall, requiring you to use the saw for hours on end. With this in mind, the designer compensates with a padded handle.

The comfortable but sturdy cloth wraps firmly around your hands, protecting them from sores in any gripping position.

What more can this selection provide? The automatic lubrication mechanism will keep the chain working smoothly for many workdays.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many accessories included with the device, so you may have to pay extra to have the greatest performance.

  • Chain links with extra serrations
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • The fabric-cushioned grip is quite pleasant.
  • Engine with a high proficiency of 8500 rpm
  • System of electronic ignition start-up
  • There are no accessories included.


2. Ridgeyard Professional Petrol Chainsaw

Ridgeyard Professional Petrol Chainsaw

We ranked this Chinese clone chainsaw top on our list because of its dependability. The Ridgeyard petrol saw is the best of all worlds in every way.

“The chainsaw would be too feeble to cut anything!” you could think. Ridgeyard equips this pick with a large 520ml fuel tank to power the heavy-duty 22-inch bar, making it excellent for long-term use and simpler to maintain.

A 2-in-1 switch mechanism serves as a safety measure. With a single click, you can start or stop the chainsaw effortlessly.

The heavy-duty shaft is slip-resistant, giving a firm grip while boosting the overall longevity of the device.

As an added bonus, a plethora of accessories are included in the package, ranging from a gasoline funnel to additional cranks and screwdrivers. It has everything you need in a single bundle.

The only criticism we have for this option is the complicated instruction booklet, which may make the device difficult to use for first-timers.

The saw boasts a low torque design that makes use of its lightweight 50cc engine, which reduces noise and vibration in your hands.

  • Control of both the start and stop switches at the same time
  • Engine size is 50cc.
  • Metal handle with anti-slip properties
  • 22-inch heavy-duty blade
  • In-box tools and replacement components are supplied.
  • The instruction manual is unhelpful.


3. Xtremepowerus Chainsaw

Xtremepowerus Chainsaw

People looking for a simple chainsaw for everyday usage may like this selection from Xtremepowerus. The unit’s tiny 45cc engine delivers enough cutting power while being light in weight.

At first appearance, the 22-inch bar seems to be smaller than typical. This is owing to the extended length for improved stability, which reduces the high rebound in a standard 2-stroke engine.

As a result, even unskilled users can operate its energy-saving engine. The assisted starting mechanism enables you to customize how each compartment operates without having to disassemble the machine.

The motor saw is not only simple to operate, but it also requires little maintenance. The specialized Air Intake system prevents dust and debris from blocking the engine, reducing the frequency with which you must clean it.

If large powered chainsaws aren’t your thing, this is the tool for you! On our list, it is the most portable Chinese chainsaw. With a weight of just 19 pounds, you’ll have no issue hauling it around every day.

While the model’s low power engine allows it to be incredibly small, it may struggle with strength-demanding chores. Other models might be more suited if you want chainsaws with a lot of power.

  • Compact and light
  • The operating system is completely configurable.
  • Effective Air Intake System
  • The engine power is average.


4. Wemars Garden Chainsaw

best garden chainsaw

Wemars has always been a famous brand when it comes to home improvement equipment.

Power tools are no exception, and this industrial-strength 19.3-inch sawing machine can help you chop down trees and brushes that are invading your lovely home.

With a 62cc 2-stroke engine, this monster can cut through the toughest greens like a scalpel through butter!

When there is a failure, a built-in chain brake locks the chainsaw in place, assuring optimum safety in your workplace.

For improved handling, the adjustable chain oil feed enables you to modify the chain tension between 0.4 and 0.6 inches. For your convenience, there is also a knob-style automatic tightening mechanism.

Sometimes you want to keep the area’s natural appearance, so a harsh cut is unappealing. This is when the chainsaw’s particular guide bar comes in handy.

With a fast 12000 rpm blade, it helps you make cleaner and more accurate cuts on any surface.

The tough starting procedure of this chainsaw is one of its major flaws. It takes a couple of typical cable pulls to get it going, which may be a little bothersome.

  • A safe chain braking system
  • Knob for automatic chain modification
  • Handlebar with precise sawing direction guide
  • Engine output of 12000 rpm
  • Customized 16.3-inch bar length for the average home
  • Difficult to get started


5. KGK Gasoline Powered Chain Saw

KGK Gasoline Powered Chain Saw

It is very uncommon for consumers who purchased a low-cost chainsaw to spend a significant amount of money on replacements after just a few usages.

Fuel is becoming more costly, and the KGK chainsaw is here to help you figure it out.

The 58cc engine may seem to be too large for your requirements, but don’t worry! The engine consumes 20% less gasoline thanks to the brand’s patented 2-stroke cycle technology.

his distinction becomes clear when considering the large-capacity 550ml gas tank, which improves fuel economy and reduces refilling time.

Furthermore, an ingenious three-tier gas filter keeps the 2.5kw engine operating at high temperatures without overheating it, extending its efficiency for long-term usage.

KGK opted to manufacture its own components, resulting in high-quality goods for clients at a fraction of the cost. Every component exudes quality, with the most obvious being KGK’s own imported steel chain.

The 20-inch links are automatically lubricated and coated with a wear-resistant material, extending their service life greatly.

During our testing, we discovered that the chainsaw’s bar is extremely thin for its 20-inch length. The premium chain, on the other hand, is more than enough to cut through most trees, although you may need to grip the unit firmly.

  • Engine that consumes 20% less fuel.
  • Three-tiered anti-overheat gas filter
  • Imported steel chain from a reputable manufacturer
  • System for automatic chain lubrication
  • Large fuel volume of 550ml
  • Slim chainsaw bar for a 62cc chainsawt


6. Farmertec Holzfforma Blue Chainsaw

Farmertec Holzfforma Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw

This 92cc Chinese chainsaw comes with a powerhead and a 25-inch guide bar with a chain. 

The chainsaw components are all interchangeable with the Stihl model. 

When the cutting equipment is installed, this heavy-duty tool weighs 20.95 pounds.

The highest power speed of this Chinese chainsaw is 9000 revolutions per minute. 

When the chain is not rotating, the engine’s idle speed is 2800 revolutions per minute. 

Aside from the 25-inch long guide bar with a chain that is provided, this chainsaw is also compatible with 24 and 35-inch bars. 

This chainsaw has a maximum cutting length of 70, 90, or 120 cm, according to the guide bar.

Because it has a 25-inch long bar and a strong motor, this chainsaw is suitable for major cutting projects including thick trees. 

If you’re searching for a Chinese Stihl chainsaw, this may be a nice option.

  • Stihl 070 compatible 
  • 25-inch guide bar 
  • 92cc gas engine components
  • Expensive


7. Coocheer 62cc 20-Inch Chainsaw

Coocheer 62cc 20-Inch Chainsaw

This gas Chinese chainsaw has a 62cc engine as well as a 20-inch bar and chain. 

The chain is intended to avoid kickback scenarios, which may be harmful and can result in severe or deadly cutting injuries. 

The engine is built for low fuel consumption and high temperatures, making it perfect for landowners who use chainsaws on a daily basis, as well as other frequent users.

This Chinese chainsaw comes with two chains, a tool kit, a blade cover, and a chainsaw bag for convenient transport and storage. 

The chainsaw is designed for safe and simple start-up and operating.

  • 62cc gasoline engine
  • 3.5 horse power
  • Have a 20-inch anti-kickback bar and chain 
  • Have a low-kickback chain


Guide on How to Buy Chinese Clone Chainsaw?

The first thing to look for is how well it’s packaged, as this can tell you a lot about what you are buying.

If the chainsaw is cheaply made then the packaging might not be very protective or sturdy, which could mean that your product may arrive broken or faulty – so it’s best to avoid these manufacturers.

The size of the chainsaw will vary depending on model and manufacturer, but should still fit into your hand without too much difficulty; however, if you feel like it’s awkward to hold then this probably isn’t the model for you.

Some models come with blow molds attached to them though some do not (and others do not include blow molds at all). Blow-molded chainsaws are largely sought after because they allow for greater control over the chainsaw, though some models are considered of lower quality because of this.

You want to make sure that the blade spins easily. If it doesn’t then there’s a good chance that you’re getting a poorly made product, so keep your money and look elsewhere!

When buying online you will more than likely have to pay via Western Union or Moneygram – but these are options that can be used with ease on sites like http://www.aliexpress.com/ Just beware of scammers who promise high returns for small amounts of money – always check reviews before transferring anything.

It is usually more advisable to buy from China directly rather than using third-party companies in case something goes wrong with shipping – if you ever do purchase from a third party there’s always the option to refuse your product upon delivery.

Once you have purchased your chainsaw, done all of your research, and are completely satisfied with your purchase – it might be wise to invest in some extra tools for when the original ones that came with the chainsaw break or get lost, this is also useful if you want to use only one tool at a time rather than both. Additional tools that may come in handy include:

Allen Wrenches- These come in different sizes and are used to put together and take apart chainsaws. It’s good practice to get spare Allen wrenches just in case they get lost or broken! File- A file helps sharpen blades to keep them clean and sharp.

Lock-tight- This is used to tighten screws on chainsaws, usually over the Allen wrench which you can replace with this once it has broken or been lost.

You may also read our article about the best power to weight ratio chainsaws.

Once you have purchased your chainsaw and done some basic cleaning to give it a better longer lasting appearance (and hopefully fix any faults that arise) – then there isn’t much more maintenance needed for these products.

However, if you plan on using them frequently then keeping them clean will ensure they last as long as possible! These cheaper models are not meant for daily use, so if you do plan on using them frequently I recommend buying one of the mid-range priced models…but of course, this is still at your own risk – but generally, these mid-range ones are better made.

Reasons Why You Need to Buy Chinese Clone Chainsaw

best chinese clone chainsaw

The clones are made from the same materials as the originals and have very similar designs, they’re just from a different factory. Some clones are made from better materials than their original counterparts! The only difference maybe is that most of them don’t look as fancy or polished.

Every single part on these Chinese chainsaws can be bought individually should it need replacement (or if you want to build your custom saw), meaning that service parts are much cheaper than for popular brands.

These chainsaws work equally well compared to famous brands yet sell for 1/3 of the price because of not having any brand name on them, therefore people think they’re low quality but this isn’t true in every case!

Buying one of these clones is a great way to get into chainsawing without spending too much.

NOTE: some clones have names that may appear as original brands e.g. Flymo which looks similar to the Italian McCullogh, but look closely and you’ll see a few differences, for example, “Flymo” has one fewer syllable compared to McCullogh.

Clones are said not to be available in your country or you can’t find them anywhere, even on eBay, well this is because of high competition from the originals, leading clone manufacturers not being able to sell their products in all markets at once.

It’s possible however that they do exist in your market under different branding! Here are some places where they might exist (just examples, it’s not an exhaustive list):

– Flymo: garden equipment and small machinery, sold in many countries

– Jonsered: outdoor equipment and accessories, mainly available in Europe but also exists elsewhere. NOTE: the Chinese clones are usually branded as “Jones” because of trademark infringement with Jonsered, so if you can’t find a clone under its original name try looking for it under this name.

Final Words

A Chinese clone chainsaw is a small but very powerful gas-powered chainsaw. These Chinese clone chainsaws provide enough power to offer you enough energy for effective cutting.

All you have to do is press the safety button, pull the trigger and let this best Chinese clone chainsaw do its job, as it can cut through thick pieces of wood in seconds.

It also does not make any noise; therefore; it can be used right next to your sleeping baby without worrying that your active toddler might wake up from the sound generated by other conventional tools.

Furthermore; saving money is a serious thing for most people and this product can cost up to 75 percent less than a traditional chainsaw.

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